Friday, September 25, 2015

Let's Hear it for the Boys!


I've known Sara through Instagram for maybe a year or so and this past spring and summer,  I watched a sad story unfold on her feed. Felix, her handsome tuxedo boy, was diagnosed with cancer.  She was so devoted to dear Felix and fought hard to keep him here on this planet, but sadly he passed on the 3rd of July.  Sara loved that dear boy with all of her heart, so this loss was huge.

After some time had passed, she started considering bringing another cat into her life, and slowly began visiting local shelters.  Though she met many fabulous cats,  most visits ended in tears, and she could tell that her heart wasn't quite ready to love another yet. It still had some mending to do, so she put the hunt on "pause".  

But then a handsome gray kitty named Fielding Mittenfloss caught her attention on my Instagram feed. She emailed right away to see if there might be a way  to meet this little guy. I was not surprised to hear from her at all. She had commented on every picture I had posted of Fielding, and every comment ended with several happy, smiley face emoticons and many, many hearts.

I told her that Fielding had a brother and I was pretty committed to keeping them together. I asked her   if she would open to adopting a pair.  I shared a few photos of Bart, and thankfully, she loved the idea of two kittens. A few days later she came to visit the boys.

And she fell in love.

Well, she fell deeper in love.  I'm pretty sure they had her heart before she even arrived for the visit that day.

The boys were far from being ready for adoption at that point, and they had lots of growing to do. Sara had to wait a long, torturous month before her Mittenflosses could come home. I tried my best to send her lots of photos and updates, but I know that wait must have been hard.

Finally! Last weekend they were ready to go and Sara came down on Sunday to pick up her sons. We filled out the paperwork and Wylla soaked in her last few moments with the Bart and Fielding. She gave them very thorough head-to-toe baths which left both of them completely soggy. They loved every second of it.

While we were wrapping things up, I checked their intake date on the paper work. I did some calculating, and told Sara that their birthdate would have been about the 4th of July. That's when she told me Felix had passed on the 3rd.  How strange they would enter the world just as he left.

I always feel our kittens end up where they're supposed to land, and this little coincidence certainly helped confirm that theory.  

Because they were just a set of two, we got to know these guys a little better than our normal, larger batches. The humans and felines in our house all fell hard for these guys, so we're so happy they found such a devoted mom to love them.  We know they're in very good hands.

Thank you so much for adopting these special kittens, Sara. We wish you a long, joy-filled life together!















  1. Hearing about Felix passing on 7/3 and these handsome boys arriving on 7/4 made me teary eyed. Yes, Sara, the universe knows when we need a feline and if we listen carefully, we know which one(s) is ours. I lost my Gwen on 12/19 a number of years ago and then found Miss Sprite 2 weeks later. I listened. And Laurie - do link to her instagram page because the pictures of these two are priceless!

  2. What a great story! Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Bart, I do think you have the most adorable kitteh belleh, ever.
    And so good of Wylla to give them a proper sending off! It's as if she thought: "Well, all I can do is make sure they are clean when they leave here, and the rest is out of my hands. Er, paws."

  4. Such a beautiful adoption story (typing thru tears when I read about their birthdates). Hope Wylla is OK without her boys! :)

  5. my eyes are filled with tears of joy hearing this story. the kitten/mom universe is whole again!

  6. How lovely- many years of love and fun. Those little guys will have a wonderful life.

  7. Love the photo that looks like Wylla sat on Fielding to start the Wylla Wash (c) cycle!
    Darn near fell out of my chair!

  8. What a touching story. I wish them the best. I'm sure Felix would approve. They'll take good care of each other.

  9. I agree, these little boys went exactly where they were supposed to. I loved their names, maybe Sara will keep the names.
    Looking forward to hearing updates

  10. I know the boys have settled in at Sara's just fine! It is always sad when the little ones leave, but very glad they always have excellent folks to take them in and care for them the rest of their happy lives. Tell Charlene and Wylla more little kits are coming soon!

  11. Lucky Sara!! Lucky Mittenflosses!!

  12. This is the perfect happy ending for Fielding and Bart, and for Sara, too!

  13. They are such beautiful boys. What a perfect new family.

  14. Through a little Instagram detective work, I discovered the best kitten feed ever! @themittenflosses ( Thank you, Sara!

  15. P.S. I should have said the 2nd best kitten feed because everyone knows that IBKC is my favorite!

    1. There will never be a better kitten feed than the IBKC! Perish the thought! ;D

  16. In tears right now, and I don't even understand why? Maybe because I can relate so much to Sara. During the first shelter visits after I've lost my beloved Feia to FIP I was so full of mixed emotions, too. - And your description of how Wylla sad good-bye to the two boys... awww. So happy for Sara and the boys. :)

  17. And a real bonus for us: Sarah is on Instagram, for our full viewing pleasure!! :)

  18. Felix would be proud!! What a sweet story, I'll have to start following Instagram now :) Hope Wylla doesn't miss the boys too much!

  19. Double trouble, sent off soggy and fully trained in how to properly cat, manage your hooman, and execute a good slide on a Banana Run. Two more successful graduates from Miss Bean and Wylla's School of Feline Charms and Graces.

    Sara, I've bookmarked your Instagram so I can watch Double Trouble grow up. I don't have an account (don't have any devices), so I won't be able to comment, but I'll be watching and adoring your boys.

  20. Thank you for sharing this heart warming story! I am so happy to be following the Mittenflosses on their IG as well as Sara. I hope she will keep sharing pictures of these boys so many of us have fallen in love with too.

  21. Congratulations Sara. You got a beautiful loving pair of boys who will give you lots of love as you give them love.

  22. The same thing happened when I adopted my cat Dudley. His well-loved predecessor Oliver died on July 5th. By September I was warming up to the idea of getting another cat. When I found out that this little kitten who had chosen us at the shelter was born on July 6th I just knew it was meant to be. That is why he's named Dudley - after the angel played by Cary Grant in The Bishop's Wife. Dudley's 11 years old now and loved just as much as Oliver! I hope Sara enjoys her kittens just as much as I enjoy Dudley.



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