Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Surprise Sally


Do you remember Norman Ashby? Many years ago, we fostered this sweet boy. He was adopted by a very nice family, and he's been living the good life in Gig Harbor, WA.

Haylie, Norman's human big sister, is celebrating her 14th birthday this summer, and her family thought a kitten would be the perfect gift for her.  So, her mom, dad, and brother came over to meet the Hollis Girls and pick out a kitten for Haylie.

 Evelyn and Henrietta had already been claimed, so they had their pick between Sally and Caroline.  They struggled with the decision, both kittens were so charming, but in the end, they decided that Sally would be the one. They thought she would be a good personality match for Norman, and they felt Sally would have been the one that Haylie would have picked.

Sally would be a surprise, so I asked Caden, Haylie's brother, if he could keep this big secret.

He quickly responded "I'm in sixth grade. I've got this".

And did he keep the secret?


But that was fine. When they all came over to pick up Sally,  Haylie was thrilled with her gift.

How could she not be?  She got THIS adorable kitten for her 14th birthday.






Enjoy your sweet kitten, Haylie!  And enjoy your new sister, Norman!
Congratulations to the whole family on their new addition!


  1. Oooo...I hope they send a picture of Sally and Norman that you can share with us. It would be wonderful to see Norman again!

  2. Can you really blame a little brother for NOT keeping Sally a secret??? I can't. So Congrats to Haylle, Sally, Norman and the rest of new family.

  3. What an exciting new life for Sally Hollis! Congratulations!

  4. "I'm in sixth grade. I've got this." Such confidence! I love it! Such famous last words. ;D He can be forgiven for not being able to hold in such a Big Secret about such an Awesome Thing, though. I'd have trouble, too, and I'm just a few years older than sixth grade. Lucky, lucky Haylle! Lucky, lucky Sally. I hope we get to see a picture of them together.

  5. Godspeed, Sally Hollis. You are a gorgeous girl <3

  6. Lucky Sally, lucky Haylle Happy Birthday Haylle

  7. It will be nice to move to a home with a fellow alum of Charlene Butterbeans' Finishing School for Cats.

  8. NORMAN! Oh, my very favorite IBKC kitten, ever. Do you have a recent picture of that dear boy? Big ball of fluff boy. Sally is such a lucky kitten to go live with Norman!

  9. Oooh how utterly PRECIOUS! A little sweetie for a sweetie! God bless the lil babies (animals), humans, &-ALL OF GOD'S CHILDREN!! :-)



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