Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Purring, Roaming, Learning

It's been five days since these dear boys moved in. The first couple of days they were little scaredy cats, but they've since decided that there's nothing to fear, and now are quite comfortable with us.

Bart was the first to purr. On his second day with us, the excitement of lunch triggered his tiny motor and he hummed while he dined. Later that day I found his "on" button while giving his chin some  scratches.

It took a little longer for Fielding. He tried on day three, but those were false starts. Day four, while cuddled in a ball with his brother on my lap, he turned it on, and his purr was strong.

They nap and have their meals in their cage, but when I go in the craft room and visit them, I spring them from the cage and let them explore.  They're too tiny to roam on their own, they barely weigh a pound, so their outings are all supervised.

I do a lot of educating on the subject of what's a cat toy and what's a craft supply. They are bright, but they are kittens, so they struggle with these lessons.









  1. Wow, their floof is really impressive! I love the way it shows up in the sun in several of those pictures.

    Stay safe, little Mittenflosses, and listen to Ms. Laurie!

  2. Can't wait to hear these little purrs. Now as for what is crafts and what are toys...all items that kittens can reach belong to kittens! Seriously, these two are delightful floofy boys. Can not wait to see Charlene's reaction to them!

  3. I'm glad to see all whiskers still seem to be intact!

  4. Nimbus kittens. Those boys are going to be floofy! They'll fit right in with the girls. Can't wait to see Bean and Wylla interact with the Mittenfloss boys.

  5. Wow, they are really really cute! I'm a sucker for Fielding -- little grey boy cats are so cute!

  6. They are floof-tacular! I especially love their "floof halos"! These boys are going to quite adventurous in no time, if they are already having trouble distinguishing between toys and craft items. I look forward to Charlene and Wylla interacting with them. As someone said elsewhere, they might be Bean's summer flings! :-)

  7. One of the best kitten last names ever!

  8. I'm glad you mentioned their weight. I was thinking, those boys seem very, very compact! Sounds like they are. Did the kitten area change from the basement to the craft room?

  9. What is a cat toy?


  10. I would have a very hard time concentrating on my crafting (knitting) if those two little fluffies playing with my yarn!

  11. I thought you, of all people, would know everything belongs to cats, and anything they decide is a toy is a toy. ;D Good luck keeping them out of your craft supplies. Kittens are sneaky little beasties!

  12. Such cuteness! Don't know how I would get any work done with those little scamps running around

  13. Surely you know by now that EVERYTHING is a kitten toy! Good luck with the training.



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