Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Cooler Weather = Happier Cats

Finally! A cool morning! We've been hiding from the heat and have had the shades down and curtains closed nearly everyday for the past couple of weeks. This morning was overcast, so we were able to open things up and let the light in. The kittens and big cats were thrilled, and made a beeline for the windowsill. They've been happily perching there since breakfast.

The kittens don't seem to bothered by the heat, but it's been hard on the big cats. Their fuses have been much shorter than normal and they've come very close to getting into spats and brawls. This morning they were visibly happier, thank goodness!  And it looks like we're done with the 90 degree days for a bit! Hooray!













  1. And it appears that Wylla is honing her Junior Kitten Wrangler skills quite nicely!

  2. Tomorrow will be below normal and it will be cooler for the next week! (Or so they say). That is a bunch of kitties on one sill. Bean does look as though she has assumed the role of supervisor.

  3. Cooler weather=happier everyone. :D Great pictures of the entire gang enjoying the front window. It's a wonderful coincidence that both Charlene and Wylla have turned out to have perfect temperaments and natures to be "kitten wranglers" and "mentors" for the fosters. A friend I used to live with fostered and one of her cats, a foster fail himself, was dubbed "Uncle Ianto" because he was known for taking fosters under his paw and teaching them everything he knew about how to cat (including plenty of lessons on being a rascally rascal and mastering the perfect Innocent Angel look to keep your human from being too mad at you). Two fosters he took under his paw, black sisters Salem and Samhain (pronounced sow-in), joined him in foster failage, and it wasn't uncommon to find them all curled up together at the end of my friend's bed. I absolutely adored the sisters and miss them SO MUCH since moving out.

  4. If I was that floofy, hot weather would probably make me short-tempered too. :) But then, I live in an area where 90-95 degree summers are a fact of life, so yay central air :)

  5. What a great post! Sweet kitty pictures too :) Wylla is like a natural little mama already, it's so cute to watch. I'm glad you are cooling off up there Laurie! From the pictures I saw of the Dog-a-thon Walk it looked like it was nice and cool up there! I was jealous since I'm in the Southeast which is always hot and muggy this time of year!

  6. These pictures are so sweet!!

    Happy to see them happy :)

  7. Where can I buy a ticket for this kitten/floofy cat train?

  8. I wouldn't be able to survive temps like that WITHOUT air conditioning. I'm a wuss.



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