Sunday, July 19, 2015

They All Have Names!!


Nanette, high-bidder for our puffy little girl's naming rights auction, is no stranger to the IBKC. She's been a friend and follower for years, and is responsible giving names to Luigi Fortunato, Marie-Noire Suprenant and Pricilla Batsel, too.

I was happy to see she had won because she always does a great job with there choices.

I emailed Nanette to find out her name selection, and this is her reply:

This little fluffy dumpling reminded me of a human friend who is also a cat lover. Since I recently adopted a new kitten of my own, I decided to ask her opinion, just to be sure. (As you know, It's so very important to begin including kittens in family decisions at an early age. Teaches them teamwork and responsibility.) 

I am happy to report that Sylvie and I are in agreement: It's Evelyn Hollis.

A very sweet selection! Nice work Nanette and Sylvie!

And now, hooray, all the Hollis Girls have names!

From left to right:
Evelyn, Sally, Henrietta and Caroline Hollis.


Great job, naming crew. All the names suit the kittens well, and they do feel of the same era and sound very much like the names of sisters.

Well done!


  1. Is it Carol-in, or Caro-line (how do you say it?)

  2. In the world of interesting, Henrietta was my step-sister's name, and Evelyn was my mother's name and Sally is my cousin's name. Oh my. It was meant to be!

  3. Evelyn is adorable, also every inch an Evelyn. I would have called her Oreo, so it's probably no bad thing I wasn't trying to name her.



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