Friday, July 31, 2015

There's a New Sheriff in Town

It's been interesting to watch Wylla's role as Deputy Kitten Wrangler take shape. With the first few batches she met,  the kittens were just curiosities, then playmates, but with the past couple of litters, her role is much more nurturing.

 The last batch was the first I saw her bathe.  With the Hollis Girls, she cleans them all the time and seems to monitor them more. She is definitely more "motherly".   If there's ever a cry of distress, she runs to find them.  At mealtime, when everyone is screaming, she thinks they're ALL in a state of distress and she moves from kitten to kitten, pulls them close, and licks them feverishly as if she's saying "Girls, girls, relax! It's ok!"   She'll chirp and trill at them, too - she's always talking to the kittens.

Here's a little clip of her in action the other day. It's very brief so I repeated it a few times for you. It's kind of quiet, so turn up the volume a bit.

And please make note of Bean's paws in action.  "Back off, kitten. I'm waiting for breakfast, too."

Bean's role has changed, as well. She still interacts with the little ones, but in a different way. You'll see her give an occasional bath, but mostly she likes to just hang back and watch and let them entertain her.

I think it might be time to promote Wylla to Lead Kitten Wrangler. I think she's qualified for the position, and I think Bean might be ready to step down.

Whatever their role, I'm grateful they are both a part of the process. I do think they help prepare the kittens for their lives ahead.




  1. Bean can be Kitten Grandma...they spoil in a pinch :)

  2. This is so sweet. You have raised a good-hearted little girl.

  3. Cat behavior can be fascinating. Maybe Bean will change her mind if the next litter has a handsome tabby boy. I have to wonder what's going through their heads. Is Bean feeling her age? Is she just having an off litter? Time will tell.

  4. Bean is probably thinking - yeah - I get a vacation now. Or I can be GG - great grandma cat and have all of the fun!

  5. Bean will supervise as Wylla performs the duties. Time for them both to get a raise!

  6. Awww, this post made me feel... well, feelings. It's so beautiful to see how things and lives and roles change, even though sometimes you wish they would just stay the way they are. Bean and Wylla are such amazing cats! xo

    1. I feel the same way, @Blindcopy, a little sad, a little happy. It's as though Wylla's all grown up now after having been trained as Charlene's successor. I feel like the song "Sunrise, Sunset" from Fiddler on the Roof just started playing in the background.

  7. I love how you can tell Bean is using "soft paws" to shoo the kitten away. She is so gentle with them.

  8. Beanie is still HEAD kitten wrangler - she has let Wylla take lead on this bunch because they are all girls. We all know Charlene loves the tabby BOYS. She is just giving Wylla the chance to hone her skills.

  9. Bean has learned the art of delegation!



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