Friday, July 17, 2015

Sweet Caroline(s)

Rebecca was the winer of our sweet brown tabby girl's naming rights auction.  She's been a friend of the IBKC for years now, and she was last year's winner of the Tea with Bean auction. She's won therights to name a couple of kittens years ago, too.

Traci, Rebecca's friend who joined us for the Tea, was pregnant at the time.

Here are Rebecca and Traci on our Humane Society tour after our lunch.


It was getting close to her due date and she and her husband were trying to decide on a name for their baby girl. Two of the contenders were "Claudette"and "Cosette" (the Von Tussles were our wards at the time) along with some other "C" names including "Caroline".

When the baby was born, they decided she was a Caroline.

In honor of this new baby girl, Rebecca decided our sweet tabby too is named Caroline.

So baby Caroline wasn't named after a kitten. Instead, a kitten was named after her!

How lovely!

And what a perfect name choice for both sweet girls.

Here's our Caroline Hollis.


Thank you for your generous bid and wonderful name choice, Rebecca! And congrats to Traci and family!


  1. Hee Hee ...Now I have Neil Diamond singing " Sweet Caroline " in my head...wheeeeee .

  2. What a lovely name for a sweet little kitty! Great choice Rebecca!

  3. So good! So good! So good!

    She looks like a Caroline! So pretty!

    Patti in KY

  4. Awww! Sweet Caroline, for sure!

  5. How sweet is that!!!!!

  6. And cue the whole IBKC community joining in a rousing sing-along in 3...2...


  7. Hello, there, Caroline. When can we expect you on the fund raising set? Wylla is looking forward to her nap break.

  8. Aw. That's my name! I like the looks of my little namesake!



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