Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Not So Exciting, But So Very Important

I know a ringworm room isn't the most exciting thing in the world to be donating towards, but the  fact that our Humane Society is building one, says so much about where we are as a shelter, and to me, this is a thrill. I know the shelter staff feels the same way.

For many rescue organizations, treating kittens with ringworm, isn't even an option. Even though the condition itself is rarely life-threatening, sadly, it can still be a death sentence because shelters often don't have the funds, manpower, or space to treat it.

Because of all the generous donations this community has given over the years, you've helped make improvements in so many areas, the shelter can now focus on things that once seemed like distance dreams - like building this room.

I hope you'll choose to support this shelter dream and make a donation today!

And this room needs a name. Have you tried to say Ringworm Room out loud?  It's awkward, isn't it?  If you have any good ideas, we would love to hear them!

Mr Guilford offered up a very generous $5000 match today to help us buildout this room. So far, we've brought in a little over a $1000 today, so there's still $4000 left to match. We've got until 7:00 PM Pacific Time to meet this match.

I really hope you'll join me and help make this happen!

To make a donation, please visit our Firstgiving page.  Thank you so much!


  1. How about the "Tiny Tinea Treatment Room"?
    Apologies if you get this twice, wasn't sure if it went through the first time...

  2. Surely it should be:
    The Lumpkin Room

  3. The Spotty Spot. :-)

  4. R3 (Ringworm Recovery Room)

    The Ring Around the Rosie Room
    The Ring-a-ding-a-ling Room

    Fantastic, Ultimate, Ringworm Recovery Room for Young cats (FURRY)

    ...this one's a real groaner...
    Puss' Underage Ringworm Recovery Room (PURRR)

  5. My suggestion isn't much better " derma dorm". Gail

  6. Well, Ms. Bean has a room named after her, so maybe the Wylla Stout Recovery Room? She never had ringworm, but she has certainly had her share of special needs in her young life.

  7. How about "The RICU" (Ringworm Intensive Care Unit)?

  8. Is it my imagination or are you posting less than in years' past? (I made my donation earlier in the week!)

  9. Since it could be caused by Trichophyton, how about the "Fightin' Trichophyton Room"? :)

  10. Great ideas so far; here are my two:

    Worm-Free Zone
    Early Bird (gets the worm) Room

  11. My suggestion: WOW (War on Worms) Room.



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