Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Mimsey's New Throne

When Nigel and Mimsey were tiny,  Mom bought them a cardboard bed/scratcher. It had been scratched many times and napped in for many, many hours.  It was wearing thing, very hairy, and it was time to recycle it and replace it with another.

Nigel was the one who used it the most, and when I took it out of the house and came back inside to sweep the space it once occupied, he walked over to the spot, sniffed it, looked up at me, then back at the vacant spot again and paused.  Sadness.  And then he darted off when I brought out the broom.


Mom and I went to the pet store and came home with a new scratcher/bed, a few other cat supplies and a new feather wand, too. 

We thought for sure Nigel would be excited to see a new bed, but he just gave it a sniff followed by a lackluster scratch, walked off, and then Mimsey climbed in and claimed it as her throne.

She loves napping in there and rubbing her head and ears along the corrugated edges. It's cozy and comfy and she conducts nearly all of her kitten business from this spot.  Nigel has rediscovered some old favorite napping and as far as I can tell, he seems completely happy. 









This is my last day with these dear cats and my parents.  Dad is recovering well, and though he's not 100%, he's well on his way, so I feel comfortable leaving.

Tonight I'll be heading home to Craig and the cats, and I can hardly wait to see them all! And of course tomorrow is the BIG day! The FUN begins!  As promised, another wee peek at the set.



We'll see you bright and early tomorrow!!!


  1. Sir Nigel, you are very white, fluffy and beautiful! And Lady Mimsey, these are such wonderful pictures of adorable you enjoying the new scratcher! xo xo xo xo xo

  2. Travel safely, Laurie. So glad that the Kitten Whisperer is recovering well.

  3. Have a safe trip! Those paper decorations won't last once the kittehs of mass destruction are released...

  4. Aww, such great pictures... what a happy Mimsey!! #3 and #4 of her are particularly sweet, I think.

  5. glad your parents are doing so well. funny how those cats notice when we move their "stuff" :)

  6. Nigel's look of disdain cracks me up. "Gee, we had been working on that scratch bed for YEARS and you just chuck it out? Humans *scoff*"



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