Friday, July 3, 2015

Keep Your Kitties Safe!

I know there aren't too many folks around here because it's a three-day weekend and you're off having fun, but I wanted to post real quick and wish you all (in the US) a happy Fourth of July.

Be safe, humans, especially if it's dry it your part of the country.  And for those of you with critters, please do all you can to keep them comfortable and indoors for the few couple of days. The big booms happen on the Fourth, but there are plenty of folks blowing things up the days before and after the holiday.

So many critters get scared and go running because of the noise, so I'll be thinking about my shelter friends who work hard to reunite pets with their families on the 5th of July.

Be careful, be safe, but have some fun, too.

butterbean in a box


  1. The perfect photo for this important entry. Hope all is well with your family near and far and that your father is mending. It's been great fun seeing Nigel and Mimsey this week!

  2. Always a good reminder! In addition to keeping pets indoors (and even locked in a bedroom with food/water/litter/potty pads/etc., it's also a nice idea to play the TV or some calm, soothing music to help mute the sounds of fireworks. Your furry friends will thank you!

  3. I saw a recent TV clip that says pet owners shouldn't try to comfort pets if fireworks go off. The best thing is to act like nothing's happened; often pets will take their cue from you, their pack "leader." Anyone know if this is true?

  4. My first kitty was a rescue from the pound, picked up in a neighborhood full of noisy 4th of July celebrations. Scaring our pets isn't a good idea, but I got the best kitty because someone else was thoughtless. Miss you Murf!

    Happy 4th to all!

  5. All the kitteh cats are safe in their rooms with soft music playing, we go in and check on them! Next door neighbor going nuts with Polka music, asked him politely to turn it down it worked like a charm..We have the fans blasting and we are at home, went to a 86th and 89th birthday party across the street gave them some fresh peaches and pears and made a wonderful strawberry pie for the birtheday gal and birthday fellow! The loved it, hubs relaxing watching a lot of sci fi movies and I am watching the babydolls as I call all my kitteh cats!



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