Friday, July 17, 2015

Here's Who We're Helping!

It's always so nice to see the faces of the cats we're helping, isn't it?  Marguerite, who is the Director of Development at the HS, took a ride with one of the volunteers yesterday to help make the kitty meals-on-wheels rounds. She came back from her trip with some great stories and lovely photos to share.

From Marguerite:

Today I went with a Pet Food Pantry volunteer to deliver cat food to low-income seniors and others in need. I came back humbled. I saw how very much people love their cats, and just how much they will do to keep them and care for them. 

Karen said she’d be lost without the love of “Riley.” 

Vicky spoils “Mama” and worries about her well-being more than her own.  

And Tommy couldn’t stop talking about his cat, Princess. He barely gets by on his disability payments, but when he saw a hungry stray cat huddled under a bush, he had to share his food. Week after week he left her scraps, until one cold winter day she decided to trust him. When he opened his door, she walked right in and made herself at home. Princess is now Tommy’s constant companion, best friend, and the light of his life. But he can barely afford to feed her even the most inexpensive cat food. So when he heard that the Pet Food Pantry would deliver food every month, he couldn’t believe it. “I don’t know what I’d do without Princess,” he said. “I love her so much! I’ve gone without lots of times, but I could never let her go hungry. Never.” 

Because of your support, Riley, Mama, Princess, and scores of other cats are able to stay in their loving homes, with people who need their love the most.

Thank you for sharing these sweet stories and photos, Marguerite. There's a whole lot of love there.

If you would like to make a donation to help the keep kitty meals-on-wheels rolling and the pet food pantry shelves stocked, please consider making a donation today. Until 9:00 AM Pacific Time tomorrow, all that we raise will be supporting these valuable programs.

AND if you donate right now, your dollars will be doubled by Cynthia's matching donation challenge. We've made a good dent in it, but we have completed it yet.  Hopefully we will before time is up! The  match runs until 7:00 PM tonight.

To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit our  FUNdraising page! 

Thank so much for caring and giving.


  1. "When he opened his door, she walked right in and made herself at home"

    And that's what makes cats so precious: they use their excellent judge of character to pick whom THEY want to love! (And are fiercely loyal once they make their choice)

  2. I didn't know this kind of program even existed. I recently developed a chronic illness and can't manage a pet, but maybe someday I can have a cat again. :) (This is my first year not being able to donate and I feel kind of guilty)


    1. The kind of person who would share his own meager food supplies with a hungry stray is JUST the kind of person who deserves the help he is receiving (I mean, of course they all do!!). That really made me tear up, reading Tommy's and Princess' story. Bless them both. I hope he has her for many years to come.

  3. This program really tugs at my heartstrings since I don't think it exists in most of the US. Even when times were tough, I always provided for my 2 (now passed away) cats & had a cat growing up that looked just like Princess!

  4. This is just lovely. Tommy and Princess just look like a matched pair. And the times we have the least are the times animals can give us the most. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. This post touches my heart so deeply. Thank you for sharing their stories, Laurie.



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