Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Downgraded from "Crazy" to "Busy"

 I'm sure you recall how crazy these Hollis Girls got once they settled into our home and got comfortable with us.  There were many days of wild bursts, but I think the crazy stage might behind us. Now, they're just your typical busy kittens.

It was all pretty entertaining to watch, but I was starting to worry that someone was going to injured. Fortunately, everyone made it through the crazy stage unscathed.

Their world got a little larger and for parts of the day they are allowed to roam the craft room, where I have their cage set up. They are good climbers and leapers so they are always supervised when they are out and about. It would't take too long at all for them to get into huge amounts of trouble if left alone there. Most of my supplies are in drawers,  but there are a few stacks of craft papers that could easily turn into an avalanche if disturbed by a kitten.  I've also got lots of completed bouquets and paper flower stems up high on shelves in vases. These kittens are sharp and excellent leapers and could easily figure out a way to get "high" and into trouble.

We've got just a few days left of quarantine, but we're dealing with a little bit of diarrhea, so if that doesn't clear up, we will have to extend their isolation until it does.

Now that they're a little calmer,  we're starting to see their personalities, and we're getting to know them all a little better.  They are dear things. They love us and each other. No one is shy, all are engaged. They all enjoy being held, sitting on laps, or roosting on shoulders.

They are a special little set.








Don't forget our Tea with Bean (and Wylla) auction is running still. It ends at 2:00 PM Pacific Time today, so if you would like to join us for a little lunch at our home and meat all the humans and cats too, please get in on the bidding!

I'll be back shortly with more Fundraising stuff, so do stay tuned! This fundraiser is flying by and we're down to our final few days! If you were planning on making a donation to support our shelter and the homeless cats and kittens, please don't delay!

Thanks !  I will be back shortly!!


  1. They are such a sweet group of kittens! I'm almost sorry they stopped being crazy, lol, but I'm sure you're not!

  2. I attribute the kittens' delightful personalities to you, Laurie, their devoted foster mother!! They are lucky to have you.



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