Saturday, July 18, 2015

Another Name!


Our friend Eleanor was the lucky winner in the naming rights auction for our tabby and white girl. This is the FOURTH IBKC  kitten she's named.  We've had a few repeat winners, but Eleanor holds the title for naming the most.  

You've met Eleanor before - she and her friend Alison were the first to have Tea with the Bean.  They flew all the way from VIRGINIA to spend time with us. What a great day that was!   

Eleanor decided that this dear kitten should be named Sally. 

Here's why: 

Something Cynthia said about one of the other kittens seeming to have rockets attached to their feet made me think they are a little crew of astronauts.  I was watching the videos and this tabby and white girl is a bouncer, with some solid sidewinding, and I love the way she perches in the upper basket, waiting to fly out.  So I suggest the name "Sally" in honor of Sally Ride, first woman in space.

Sally Hollis.  What do you think?

I LOVE it.  An excellent choice.    

So, we have Henrietta, Caroline, and Sally Hollis, so far. It won't be too much longer before we know the name of the puffy girl - her auction just ended!  

Don't forget we have a really great match today!  For every $25 we bring in today, Mary will be stitching and donating a cozy fleece bed for a shelter cat.  AND every dollar donated is also matched by an anonymous kitty-loving donor!  It's a great day to give. Please visit our FUNdraising page to make a tax-deductible donation.

Also, I posted this kind of late last night so be sure to check THIS out.  Bean and Wylla inspired nail polish colors and a portion of the sales of these will be donated to our fundraiser! Yay! 

MORE TO COME! Please stay tuned!  


  1. I love the astronaut theme, and Sally Ride herself, but she was NOT the first woman in space. The great Valentina Tereshkova preceded her by thirty years!

  2. Love it! And the reasoning behind it.

  3. My favourite of the Hollis girls :) Live long and prosper, Sally Hollis <3

  4. Oh, PERFECT!!! I love it--very good reasoning, and a lovely tribute to an icon in American history. I bet the late Sally Ride would be honored if she knew a gravity-defying kitten was named for her. :)

  5. My little Pippi (who is sitting on my lap, purring right now) approves of the name - as do I! And, the reason behind it - purr-fect!

  6. The way the kittens bounce around, it wouldn't surprise me if at least one launched herself up through the roof and into space one day. XD Naming one of the girls "Sally" in honor of Sally Ride is so fitting, and a wonderful way to honor a great woman.

    I'm eager to find out what the fourth Hollis' first name will be. You'll need something to say other than "Oh, Hollis #4!" (with fondness, of course) when she's knocked a favorite bowl off a side table for the third time today, and you're trying to catch her to put her in the guest room for a rest--all of them need to go; you need a break from kitten energies--but Miss Springs-in-Her-Feet is already three--no, four feet away and how on earth do such small creatures move so stinking fast? ;D



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