Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Return of Trixie's Whskers

I took a few closeup shots of Miss Trixie's whiskers so you all can see how quickly they're growing back in.  I'm still not sure who was responsible for gnawing them off,  but whoever it was, it seems as though they're not doing it anymore.




And so you have something to compare these photos to, here's a shot from when her whiskers first went "missing".


With or without her whiskers, she's pretty adorable.


  1. Totally adorable! Glad to see the culprit has seen the error of his/her ways...

  2. Trixie looks cute with or without whiskers :) there nothing sweeter than a baby tux!!

  3. She's so cute! And her eyes are changing color too. They look to be turning yellow. Is that right, Laurie, or is it just the picture?

  4. Seems the culprit(s) have moved on to other things to gnaw Wylla's breakfast. Love the side look, just like a high fashion model!

  5. Too cute! Even without the whiskers!

  6. The 3rd photo is Trixie's modeling head shot. Look at that little velvet black nose. Lovely! Look how much she's grown as well. I'll be very sad but happy to see the Clovers leave for their forever homes. This trio really has my heart in their paws.

  7. Laurie, your photography is great. We love the kittens to bits, but we don't tell you enough that your photography is superb. The color black is a rough one to capture - but you not only get it right, you produce some breath-takers. This series, culminating in the third shot, is just entrancing. It's been a joy to watch your skill develop over the years. Just wanted to let you know that it doesn't go unnoticed. Love, darin

    1. Thank you very much, Darin! Black cats are the most challenging of all, for sure! Especially when they are squirrelly like this group!

  8. Second photo from the bottom is absolutely stunning!

  9. Oh goody - so glad they grow in quickly. Love the little kitty.

  10. They're growing back really fast but she sure is adorable whether she has long whiskers, short whiskers or no whiskers!

    It couldn't have been easy focusing on the whiskers in that third photo!

  11. These kittens and the story behind these missing whiskers crack me up. I've been thoroughly enjoying my daily visits to this site - as usual! Sometimes more than once a day.

  12. Someone I used to know fostered for a rescue, and I noticed "rough cut" whiskers on more than a few kittens she had during the two years I knew her. All of them, their whiskers re-grew and there were never any problems, so I never thought anything of it. I figured it was one of those "kitten things" and left it at that. I never knew their whiskers had been nibbled off until you mentioned that was the fate of Trixie's.

    Your close-up shots of Trixie's face are excellent. Great job! I love the third one down that emphasizes her whiskers. Brava! She's super saturated with concentrated adorable tuxie cuteness, this one is. I just want to reach into the screen and scoop her right up and cuddle her close for hours!



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