Monday, June 29, 2015

Gosh, He's Gorgeous

Dad is back from the hospital and well on the road to recovery. I think the cats are happy to have him home, but aren't too crazy about the walker he's using. At first I was worried they might be underfoot and in his way, but as soon as Dad starts walking, they dart out of the way and under the nearest piece of furniture. I don't think we'll have to worry about them being a trip hazard.

Nigel is as lovely as ever with his thick white coat, giant plume of a tail, pink bunny nose and big green eyes. He's healthy and happy. He plays hard and jumps high, and though he can be entertaining with his cat antics and all, I'm perfectly happy just looking at him.

Gosh, he's a gorgeous boy.






  1. So glad to hear that your dad is doing well! That must be a huge relief...

    And Nigel is indeed gorgeous. What beautiful eyes he has!

  2. Glad your dad is home and doing well. I'm scheduled for the same surgery July 1st so this is also encouraging for me! :o)

    Nigel is a pretty boy!

  3. I'm glad your dad is doing well, too. And Nigel...what can I say? I just love this cat. Beautiful boy.

  4. Laurie glad dad is ok!

    Leslie hope you will do fine too hope you have some fine feline nurses like Nigel and Mimsey!

  5. Dreamboat! He's going to have a lot of fangirl-cats (and humans!) swooning!

  6. I'm so happy to hear that your dad is doing well! And Nigel is indeed a beautiful boy!

  7. Glad your dad is home and doing well. Nigel IS gorgeous! Does he get a daily brushing, or does he keep his coat looking like that all by himself??

  8. So glad your dad is doing well and home! We're praying for him and all of you.
    Love fluffy Nigel!

  9. Glad to hear your dad is home. Is Nigel as soft as he appears in these studly pictures?

    1. He's soft, but Mimsey actually has a softer coat. She's feels like a bunny.

  10. This is one case where a gorgeous kitten only gets more so with age :)

  11. What a handsome kitty! And best wishes to the Kitten Whisperer. :)

  12. The Kitten Whisperer is home and all is right with the world -- well, as right as possible since he's using a walker for a bit. Glad everything went well.
    As for Nigel -- Wowza!!!!

  13. Yes, hes' one very handsome boy. Best wish and a speedy recovery to you Dad

  14. Wow, Nigel is so beautiful! His tail looks so fluffy -- I hope we'll get a shot of the full splendid length of his tail! Best wishes to the Kitten Whisperer for a fast and full recovery!

  15. Hello, beautiful Nigel! I bet you are very glad to have your person home!



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