Thursday, June 25, 2015

Goodbye to the Little Velvet Guy


This past November, Bernadette lost her longtime kitty companion who had lived to be a remarkable 18 years old. After some healing, she felt she was ready for another kitty friend.

She mentioned this to her friend and coworker, Leslie, who had adopted the adorable Fern Lyttleton a few years back.  Leslie pointed Bernadette in our direction.

Bernadette came down for a visit and Ramón charmed her with all of his chatting and loud purrs. She loves a talky cat!  He was snuggly too, and seemed very comfortable in her hands and on her lap. This match seemed natural, and it was decided that this would be her kitten.

Later, when I had to share the gender mix-up news with Bernadette,  she was (thankfully) so understanding. She loved her kitten and it did not matter one bit if she was a she or he was a he.

Ramón was the last to leave the nest. We sure miss this sweet guy, but so happy that he found such a warm and loving mama to care for him.

I got a report from Bernadette earlier this week and it sounds like things are going great.  His first name is now Hugo and he'll be keeping Ramón as his middle name.

Here's what Bernadette had to say:

Hugo Ramón and I are settling in nicely! So much purring and cuddling -- I'm in kitty heaven. Thank you so much for letting me be his mom - my heart is so full I could burst.

This news nearly makes my heart burst, too! 

Thanks so much for adopting our sweet kitten, Bernadette! We wish you a long, happy life with this dear boy!




Goodbye little velvet guy!



  1. I love it when people are ready to love again!!!
    Patti in KY

  2. What a great story! May he live to 18 and beyond.

  3. Awww, Wylla got him all gussied up for his journey to his new home. <3

  4. Bernadette's thank you got me good! Reminded me of picking up my Maine Coon kitten boy from the shelter and stating "I'm a cat mom again!" He is now a happy 11 yr old dude.
    Congrats to her and Hugo.

  5. He totally looks like a Ramon and not a Ramona in the first picture. Boys are so naughty! :-p

    Congrats to Bernadette, and of course, all the Clovers!

  6. What a sweet story. Enjoy your life, velvet boy!

  7. I love Wylla giving him a spitshine before he heads to his furrever home.

  8. Lisa (mom of Chai)June 25, 2015 at 10:11 AM

    Ahh...kitten therapy at it's best! Have a happy life together you guys!!!

  9. we are so glad he is helping his new mom heal :)

  10. He looks so handsome with his gold medal. Another litter of itty bitties have found their homes thanks to you. Thank you!

    I hope your father is doing well and you are enjoying yourself in the Quad Cities area.

  11. Wylla is making sure he's presentable to go to his new home!

  12. Wylla wants to uphold the high standards of the Butterbean School for Wayward Kittens.

  13. Wylla wants to uphold the high standards of the Butterbean School for Wayward Kittens.



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