Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy, Floppy, Chirpy

Wylla had an acupuncture appointment/ check-up last week. Everyone at the office loves Wylla and we usually play a round of "pass the kitten" when we first arrive. Vet tech Sarah, who happens to be our dear friend and kitty sitter, gave Wylla a hug first. She handed her to Doc, and Doc  joked "I think we need to keep her here for, umm, observation, umm, in my office," and she started making a move to towards the door.

 I love how they love her! She loves them too and is always comfortable in their arms. We've visited the vet's office so many times in Wylla's two years - she's always at ease there.

 I was really looking forward to this appointment and telling Doc about how well our girl's been doing and feeling since our last visit six weeks ago. She was thrilled with her progress, just like we are, and thought she looked really great.

Wylla always feels really good after an acupuncture appointment, and when we got home she had some lunch, took many laps around the house, and had a roll with Rattle Mouse. Then our happy girl flopped, relaxed, chirped, purred, and gave me those big eyes.

Oh, those big eyes.






  1. Nothing like big kitten eyes to get Mom to do things for the "kitten". Like handing back a rattle mouse or putting the Catnip banana down or petting me or anything I wants! In return, I will put on weight and purr lovely "Songs of the Floofy People" to her and Dad!

  2. Who wouldn't love her? I love her. So darling.

  3. aww! Those big eyes! I'd be in line for a Wylla hugging too. Glad she's doing so well.

  4. Aww, those big eyes are saying "Love me, mom!!", works every time on me :)

  5. LOVE those eyes! And that face! And those floofy ears! And those floofy paws! Aw Heck, I love all of her! And if those eyes were staring at me, I would do whatever she wanted me to do.... :-)

  6. Seeing pics of Wylla is the second best part of my day. Getting purrs and snuggles from my two furgirls is the best.

  7. Sweet Wylla kitty! I agree with everything that everyone has already said! One look from you and I would be happy to do whatever you wish <3 I am sending big hugs to you and Charlene Butterbean! xo xo

    Your admiring fan,

  8. I love how everyone loves her. Sweet Wylla!

  9. Do you think you might stop the acupuncture, or go less, now that she at a healthy weight and not having trouble eating and keeping food down?

    1. We are stretching them out to every eight weeks instead of six weeks now.

  10. That was the first sign that Wylla was getting better. Her eyes had been half-closed for weeks, then suddenly popped wide open.

  11. Fantastic! It makes me so happy that you and Craig are the kind of parents that are open to this alternative treatment for your girl, and to see how very well she's doing. Woo-hoo!!



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