Friday, April 24, 2015

A Color Coordinated Cat!

Well, at about 6:00 last night we cracked open the paint cans and had a go at it. We put the cats upstairs while we worked away and by midnight our kitchen was painted coral with a bright white trim.

Wylla and Charlene weren't happy about be trapped upstairs without us and when we opened the door and set them free they gave us a good scolding.

Then they had dinner and all was well.

The color, Tuscan Coral by Benjamin Moore, felt a little dark when it was wet last night, but as it dried it lightened, and now I feel it's the perfect shade. In daylight it looks even better.

And look at Wylla! Doesn't it complement her so well? Bean looks really good surrounded by this color too, but was not interested in a photo shoot the morning. We'll get those pictures later!





  1. She looks mahvelous!

  2. She is looking healthy! What a lovely seet of portraits of such a lovely little healthy cat!

  3. I bet Wylla knows just how good she looks, so she's happy to pose!

  4. Lovely color for the Little One! Can't wait to see how this color works with Charlene's baby blues.

  5. Great color matching! We have a similar color by BM on our kitchen wall. It's a happy color!

  6. Sweet Wylla! Tuscan Coral is a very good background color for beautiful YOU! I'm glad you are doing so well! Happy Friday to Wylla, Charlene and your people!

  7. I love it! It's similar to my bedroom color which was custom made. Since the formula was lost some years ago, I've been wondering what to do when I have repairs on the wall. Now I know; I will check it out.

  8. I really like the more saturated hues of wall paint. I am an apartment dweller and my homes always have bland off-white walls.

  9. Oh my! She is a beauty and what a fabulously matching paint color. I love it!

  10. I can't possibly be the first person to say the paint is purr-fect, can I? Well, it is. And I love love love the idea of using kitty colors in home décor.

  11. When life gives you lemons,
    Make grape juice and let the world wonder
    How you did it

    When life gives you kittens, survive them
    And let the world wonder how you did it

    -Julia, Wrigglesby Puntificous Thurston III's mom

  12. Please give us a shot of Wylla with her adorable dining set against the Tuscan Coral. I'm sure it will be gorgeous (of course, what photo of Wylla isn't?).


  13. Wylla how lovely the walls look they look just like you do you regal princess you...Love the color it looks really really beautiful have a wonderful week.ciao and smooches and hugs to the Queen Charlene Butterbean and Miss Wylla Stout the prettiest princess ever!X()X()

  14. The walls match Wylla's sweet little pink nose to a "T"! With kitties as pretty as yours, no wonder you are inspired to decorate to match their features. I also have a pink nosed and pink lipped Maine Coon kitty with beautiful turquoise eyes, as well as a DLH who is grey all over, including her eyes. Interestingly enough, my house has quite a few accents of turquoise, coral and dove grey.



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