Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Report from the Tower


It's been a year and a half since I drug the cat tower home from the pet store .  Bean has enjoyed the tower from day one, and naps on it all the time.  Wylla's interest comes and goes, but recently, she's been spending nearly as much time there as Charlene.

They have their assigned spots:  Wylla can be found on the top floor and Bean prefers the level just below.

We rearranged the furniture upstairs, and now our bed is under the window and just to the left of the cat tower.  Wylla loves running across the room and up onto the bed, and will leap to the tower, then scramble to the top like a mad little monkey.

Charlene has a slower approach and usually stretches and scratches a bit before doing a pull-up, and climbing onto her favorite tier.

Both of the cats usually sleep on the bed with us at night, but sometimes in the wee hours,  they'll climb into the tower and watch the night. On more than one occasion I've woke up to see two pairs of eyes watching down on me.  I think they feel powerful looming above us.  Furry overlords.

For aesthetic reasons, I'm still not a huge fan of the tower, but as long as it continues to bring joy to the girls, we'll keep it.  

Gotta keep the cats happy, you know!





  1. Happy cats are happy, indeed.


  2. Oh Charlene looks like a happy cat! Your sacrifice of aesthetic perfection is well appreciated by that happy floofster.

  3. I wonder if you'd ever think of pairing up with a cat-tower company to create something that humans could also appreciate. Surely the IKBC's status and giant reach would appeal to a quality firm. Of course, seeing your girls so deeply at home on their perches perhaps renders this possibility moot...

  4. I like how Wylla's tail and Charlene's paw with her white "glove" gently rest over the side of the tower. Two very beautiful, floofy ladies!

  5. Funny! Little Wylla has to bend an ear to fit up top now! Very cute

  6. Happy cats, happy home! Wylla's monkey antics remind me of my youngest kitty, Sweet 'Lissa :) she always picks the highest perch!

  7. You've got your priorities straight! Our cats rule over our decorating schemes too. As long as they are happy....

  8. Feline happiness always, astheticaly pleasing sometimes. ;)

  9. I have no idea why cat towers are so plain. We have two that are HUGE but they are real furniture. I wish I had more imagination and could make one that was furniture-y but more like a tree and with less of a footprint. Please think up something. I'll be waiting.

    1. Oh, they exist! They just have a pretty hefty price tag to go along!

  10. Happy cats are waking humans up in the wee hours of pre-dawn. Happy cats don't fight or claw the bedding. Happy cats are what everyone hopes for. I use catnip.



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