Monday, January 26, 2015

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: An Afternoon At Point Defiance Park


Temperatures soared well into the 60s yesterday. It was sunny and bright, and not your typical January day in the Pacific Northwest. We took advantage of this glorious day, packed a lunch, packed a cat, loaded the camper, and headed to Pt Defiance Park.

The park is huge, in fact it's the second largest urban park in the county. Once you enter it, you're quickly swallowed by the green lushness, and it's hard to believe you're still within city limits. It's truly a magical place, and should you ever visit Tacoma, please make a point of spending time at Pt Defiance Park.

We found a nice level, sunny spot with a good view, and parked the truck. Craig popped up the camper while I explored the immediate area with Wylla.


Once the camper was all set up, we came back inside, and I prepared lunch. Wylla sniffed around the camper, looked out the window for a moment, then curled up on the seat and took a nap.


We lunched, then relaxed,  explored the park a little,  packed up everything up and left.








We spent just a couple of hours "camping", but it was a great little get-away, and a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon.



  1. What a fun mini-getaway!!

  2. Does Wylla know what a blessed little kitty she is? She's so pretty in the moss.


  3. Oh, all the scents and textures to enjoy. Did Charlene give Wylla a good going over when she got home?

    1. Not this time, but when she's gone to stranger places she has done that.

  4. So many great shots of Wylla -- who certainly has ultra-cute kitty toes.

  5. Wylla needs to get the crown for Miss Tacoma Hospitality.

  6. These are great photos. JJ Abrams would be jealous of that lens flare. Miss Wylla's eyes really stand out surrounded by the green moss. I also love your truck and pop-up camper, it is the perfect size for camping with kitties.

  7. Definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

    Are January temperatures usually like that in Tacoma? Maybe I should move there when/if I retire.

  8. What a most glorious day for Wylla to get to feel the moss under her paws. It looks like a fun time!

  9. Wylla is such a cutie - she just seems to take everything in stride! Adorable pics among the moss.

  10. Wylla - beautiful among the moss! Luv the pop-up camper. This must be customer because I've never seen anything like it.
    Rosemary K.
    Mpls, MN

  11. Send that weather New York's way, please! It was twelve degrees here today.

    The moss sets the colors in Wylla's fur off wonderfully. She's so photogenic.

  12. Aren't you just a lucky girl! I bet you thought you were a great big fierce mountain lioness, Wylla, out there in that wilderness! Only one lucky enough to be able to sleep on a comfy camper seat, with a Mom and Dad at her beck and call. I hope you told Charlene all about it when you got home.

  13. What a neat way to enjoy a nice afternoon!

  14. Oh, Wylla on moss. Beautiful! You're like a woodland cat!

  15. What a wonderful way to spend a lovely afternoon. Wylla, you sure looked like you were enjoying yourself! I'm sorry Charlene doesn't like to travel, but I bet she was content to have some "me" time while you were out.

  16. What a great afternoon! And I had to make that last picture bigger, so I could see Wylla over Craig's shoulder.



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