Friday, January 30, 2015

Share a Little Sunshine

That sure looks like a nice puddle of sunshine, Charlene. 


I bet your fur is getting all toasty and warm in all that glorious sun. It must feel REAL nice.  


Do you think you might be able to move over a smidge so I can join you? It's the only patch of sunshine in the house right now, and I think there might be room for both of us if you slid over just a bit, Charlene. 


Sorry, Wylla, but I don't think there's room.  Now, could you please move a little to your left. You're casting a shadow.  


You can have it tomorrow. I'm SURE it will be sunny tomorrow, Wylla.  


  1. Sometimes the eldest just does NOT want to share...

  2. Seniority rules, Wylla. But you are wee-ish and there is a wee bit of sun left, just above Charlene's head.

    I remember this situation with my sister on family vacations as kids....deliberately challenging each other for space in the back seat.

  3. Mom needs to install bigger windows, doesn't she, Bean? Yes, Wylla, yes she does.... :-)

    1. Bigger windows would definitely solve the problem. Time to go bug Mom, ladies!

  4. That is one luscious tummy!

  5. I bet Wylla's head and Charlene's floofy furs are warm to pet from the sun! Happy Friday, two beautiful ladies!

  6. Sun hog Charlene, taking up all that wonderful warmth with her floof. Wylla's not going to forget about this, Bean. There's going to be a time when you're cold and want a sliver of warmth, and Wylla could share her sun patch, but she won't because you were so mean to her today. Being a sun miser comes back to bite ya! ;D

  7. Sisters! it's all about the love until there's a sun puddle to be shared. Right, Charlene? Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if, as soon as mom and the camera disappeared, you scooted right over and let Wylla join in the sunny spot.

  8. I just saw this video on FB: and noticed immediately that the cat pictures the guy was looking at at the end of it was one of the "Stepping Out With Wylla Stout" entries! Yay Wylla!!! :)



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