Monday, December 15, 2014

While the Human's Away...

Each year, I do floral and decor for a fancy holiday party in Seattle. The past week, I was down in the basement working on flowers,where the girls are currently not allowed, and this weekend I was busy setting up and breaking down the event.

So, those cats of mine have been a little frustrated with me being absent, and have been doing naughty things.

And of course I feel guilty because I haven't spent much time with them, so I've been letting them get away with a lot.

These are a couple of acts of naughtiness I've caught,  but evidence suggests there has been much more than I have witnessed first hand - like those teethmarks I saw in the butter left on the counter.

Remember girls, Santa is watching.








  1. Teethmarks in the butter, ha ha!

    I'm not seeing the naughty in these pics, although the ladies do look a bit "up to no good/poker face attempt" in the 5th pic. Maybe it's because I have a kitten so brazenly naughty I have lost my ability to recognize the classic stealthy kitten naughtiness. Seriously, I forgot to pull up the Xmas lights before I left for work today and I've spent the last four hours imagining her rappelling with them like a wee tabby Spider-Man.

    PS that's a beautiful lamp

  2. At least you get teeth marks, do you know how long it took me to realize those grooves in the butter were tongue prints???

  3. Even Santa couldn't resist the beautiful faces, no matter how naughty they might be sometimes!

  4. Those cats are totally innocent -- just look at their faces! They've got the "butter won't melt in their mouths" expression (although apparently it did, hee!). I love cats' Innocent Face!

  5. Splayed toes! I do love a bunny foot with splayed toes. My littlest one does that with her skinny little feet.

  6. I'm assuming the naughty is on surfaces which are supposed to be cat free?
    BTDT. My boy is a champion naughty generator

  7. I love how Wylla refuses to make eye contact. Sophie's naughtiness was tooth marks on the Christmas cactus (now on top of the 7 foot bookcase) and swinging from the bottom of the lace tablecloth like she was part of a trapeze act...and that was just yesterday's adventures.

  8. Teeth marks in the butter! Luv it! They're just like kids - the minute you get on the phone they get into trouble.
    All the best this Christmas season, Laurie, and looking forward to seeing photos of your latest creative adventure.
    -Rosemary K, Mpls, MN

    1. Me too! I am always in awe of her tablescapes for this wonder holiday party. I checked and Laurie has posted the photos of this year's Xmas party on Flicker:

  9. At least they ate the butter. We had a cat who WALKED through the butter and then got stuck spread eagle on the tile floor! My Maine Coon likes to leave "presents" on the bed when we are away. Love my plastic bed spread.

  10. While Mommy's away the kitties will play!

  11. They look like perfect angels here! Sometimes they have to act out a little bit! ;)

  12. You needn’t feel guilty, Laurie. You and Craig have to work to put Bean's kitty crunchies and Wylla’s ‘soup’ in their dishes.

    In our house uncovered butter = kitty bait. And even at almost three, Keith hasn’t lost his desire for chewing through cords; we just had to replace the tubing on my nebulizer … again.

  13. I understand totally. I have been involved recently in my first holiday ceramics fair, and my boys at home are NOT happy. They are used to having me around all the time.

  14. Surely not, they are so adorable! ;)) My much missed cat, Cleo, once knocked a raw egg onto the floor and ate it in the time it took me to pop to my neighbours house to borrow an ingredient for the cake I was baking. I then had to go to the shop to buy eggs.

  15. Oh, the fantastical kitty mischief stories! A lot more drama and creativity than my kitty girls ever made....aside from a lifetime of 'gravity tests' performed by Marbles.

  16. The teeth marks in the butter get me every time!!! I guess because my sister "demands" that we have butter at mothers house but I don't buy (olive oil) butter! Shame che can't but some butter for Christmas...



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