Monday, December 22, 2014

Oh, Christmas Tree!

We FINALLY got our tree up this weekend! Hooray!  I don't think we've ever done it so late in the season, but our schedule has been so hairy lately, we just weren't able to squeeze it in until now.

Charlene ran off when we drug the big green beast through the front door,  but Wylla stayed close to examine every step of the process.

Once the tree was in place, each branch within Wylla's reach had to be sniffed,  and then she whined to be picked up so we could help her reach the higher tiers.

When I brought the many boxes of holiday decor from the basement,  Charlene returned to the living room and enjoyed  sitting in the box lids and rustling in the tissue paper with Wylla. Both were mesmerized as the tree was wrapped with lights and the shiny, sparkly things were hung.

And when it was all done, they sat there squinting their eyes at the lights for a bit, then Charlene jumped up on the windowsill, and Wylla curled up beneath the tree.








Because the tree is in the window, the pink chairs had to be moved, and Charlene's not too happy about losing favorite napping spot.  


Don't worry, Bean, it's only temporary.  This holiday season is going to be a short one this year.


  1. what kind of tree do you use... we have been trying for years to find answers to the question of what tree is safe for cats

    and in the fifth picture with wylla staring straight at the camera she looks stunning.

  2. We got a noble fir. Some are xmas trees are mildly toxic to cats, but I don't know which ones, nor how much would need to be ingested before it caused damage. I think the greater risks might be the decorations, which we're extra-careful about - no tinsel, no stringy things, etc.

  3. Beautiful tree and kitties :) we just put ours up this weekend too and our cats were mesmerized as usual! Funny thing, we have a fake tree but they still are drawn to the lights and the "newness" of it. And like Charlene, it's smack in the middle of one of their favorite loafing spots in front of the windows, LOL!!

  4. Lynn, Alex, India Rose and ZoubisouDecember 22, 2014 at 1:43 PM

    That is a very sweet scene. I'm glad you went to all that work to make your tree so beautiful. Hugs to everyone from all of us!

  5. Such a cute pair! I just love Bean's grumpy face in that last picture: "How dare you take my favorite napping chair away?!"

  6. They're so well behaved! I was on YouTube and saw "I'm Climbing up the Christmas Tree Neow" to see cats causing trouble to music.

    What are all these boxes for
    Except the perfect place to hide? {cats jumping into boxes}
    And why's that tree so gosh darn tall?
    I think it's better on its side. {cat knocks over tree}

  7. Oh my - what beautiful girls, tree, and gorgeous backdrop for these photos. I love this festive girls!

  8. When we finnally got our fake tree up our 6-7 month old cat climbed under it and fell asleep instantly. Now every day when I come home he is asleep under it! It is so adorable! I wonder what will happen when we get around to decorate it....



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