Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Looking Good, Bean! Looking Good!

I took both girls into the vet yesterday. Wylla was due for an acupuncture session to help with her Megaesophagus, and Bean needed to see the doc to have her spine and  compressed vertebrae checked out.

When she put Charlene on the scale, I was so happy to see she had lost half a pound since her visit last winter. She could feel that Charlene had a lot more flexibility, and was very pleased with how she was doing.

I switched Charlene to a "lite" food made by Royal Canin earlier in the fall. When I returned from my trip to Iowa in October, I noticed she was looking a little thinner through the middle, and when I picked her up, she did feel lighter. Craig noticed it too, then our friend Sarah, the only other person Bean accepts hugs from, picked Charlene up and said "yep."  She could tell, too.

Charlene's energy has been great, and she's been chasing and racing with Wylla a lot more, and often wins, which has never been the case before. She's playing a lot more, climbs to the very top tier of the tower, leaps after her feather wand instead of just batting at it, and you can just tell she's feeling and moving better.

It was nice to hear from the doctor that she truly IS doing better!

So we'll continue with the food, and encourage exercise. I would love to see her lose another 1/2 pound.

Wylla's doing good as well, weighed in at six and a quarter pounds, and Doc like how thick she's feeling through the middle.

Here are a few photos from our trip yesterday. Both girls did so well at the vet, as they always do. Wylla sat so patiently with her needles in, and Bean did a great job just keeping her company.







  1. Two very gorgeous girls! Charlene, you look marvelous! I have been wondering, does Wylla ever look at the acupuncture needles and try to play with them? She doesn't seem to even know they are there.

    1. She's always very calm during the session, and usually just sits and waits for the whole 15 minutes. If she gets fidgety, I'll grab a cotton swab from the jar and distract her with it.

  2. Wow! Wish my cats looked that relaxed at the vet's!! Good job Wylla and Bean!!!

  3. Awww- so sweet. Congratulations to Charlene on the weight. And Wylla is such a patient soul for her acupuncture. I love how much they can relate to one another. It is great to know they are healthy and happy!

  4. Anyone else think of that Andrew's Sisters song from the 50's? Way before my time but Ive heard it since! :D

    Well done girls glad the vet thinks your both healthy kitties...

  5. That's fabulous news about the weight loss for Bean and the weight gain for Wylla!

    We have the same thing going on with trying to get elderly cats to gain weight and to get some weight OFF Sir Mixalot (aka Fat Boy) ;)

    Good work girls!


  6. Bravo! Tell Wylla that I feel the same way during my acupuncture sessions. SUCH good girls they are!

  7. As special as Wylla is, Bean is amazing. Not much seems to jostle Wylla, but I'm sure it was comforting to have Bean hanging out too.

  8. Lovely girls! So well-mannered for the vet!

  9. Such a sweet sight. By the way, Laurie, if your vet ever decides to move to Houston, pleeeeeease let me know :)

  10. So glad to know Charlene is doing so well with her new food, new sisfur who needs grooming and her Butterbean Finishing Academy.

  11. I love how brightly colored the needles are. I don't think my acupuncturist's are that bright but then, I don't have too much fur they can get lost in...Although I have had the top of the head one forgotten in the past...

  12. wylla is such a good girl and well behaved.

  13. Aw, what good girls! So glad they both had good reports!

  14. I could stare at these photos for hours. And the news was all-round excellent!

  15. What sweet pictures! I LOVE how Bean is keeping Wylla company. They are both such good patients.

  16. Hooray! That's great news! I hope it continues. It's awesome your two cats play so often.

  17. Congrats on your weight loss Beanie, and at this time of year, too!! :))

    And Wylla, you little butterball, 6 1/4 pounds!! WTG!!

  18. That's awesome! <3 And how well both girls are behaving at the vet. I'm jealous. :)

  19. Wylla, six and one-quarter pounds! And Charlene Butterbean, how sweet that you keep Wylla company while she receives her treatment. XO XO XO XO, two beautiful ladies!

  20. But . . . I thought she was FLOOFY, not FAT! That's what she SAID.



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