Monday, December 29, 2014

A Christmas Recap

We sure had a lovely Christmas. It was kind of a wild, stressful dash the few days before, but once everything was done, and the holiday was here, we had a few moments to relax and enjoy spending time with my parents.

The girls both agreed to get dressed up in their festive apparel, and pose for a couple of holiday shots.

Looking good, Wylla and Bean!


Honestly, I don't think they minded a bit.


Bean got frustrated when the pink chairs got moved, and getting up on the windowsill became challenging.  You could see the wheels spinning in her head as she tried to solve this puzzle.


Eventually,  she found other places to perch, and instead of looking outside, she looked at the tree and us busy humans.


We had a very small gathering on Christmas Eve.  In typical Bean style, she just pulled up a chair, to join the party and see what was going on. Wylla can be a bit of a showboat in these situations. She'll find someone to play with her and the feather wand, and impresses the crowd with her acrobatics.


We opened gifts on Christmas morning, and the girls were quite excited about their new scratcher.



Of course the best part of Christmas, is the boxes that the gifts come in.


Right, Wylla?



So how was your holiday? Did Santa bring you all your heart desired? Was he good to your kitties, too?


  1. Lovely picture of the girls in their scarves. Our 2 Maine Coons had plenty of boxes and catnip to entertain them for hours.

  2. Our girls have this in front of an under table hide hole. They adore this scratcher

  3. I snorted out loud when I saw the picture of Charlene in the chair with everyone else. And based on the expression on Wylla's face in the sixth picture, she doesn't look like she got what she asked for! Or does she have the best poker face ever? :-D All the pictures are cute, as usual. I have come to expect cute overload when I check your website...

  4. Lovely kitties and their lovely scarves (I still like Wylla's Santa costume). I pulled a muscle in my back Tuesday night which kept me from driving to my parents' house on Wednesday. I left Christmas morning and when I got there Mom was still asleep. Their cats, Joe and Frank, were very happy to see me and explore the basement. (My old room is in the basement and they're not allowed down there unless I'm visiting.) They hung out with me a lot and rolled over on their backs to show they trust me. Except for my back problem, it was a good trip overall.

  5. Cats and young children are more thrilled by the boxes on Christmas than what came inside of them. ;) I love the picture of Bean on the chair along with all the human visitors. Looks like she was trying to blend in with everyone. "Don't mind me. Just sitting here, one of the hoomans." She's such a striking beauty.

  6. Such lovely scarves! My SO gets fussy if I try to dress up our cats. Thankfully, she leaves the house sometimes....

  7. My kitty got a package of Charlene Butterbean sparkle balls and a new bird (squirrel) feeder to keep her entertained while we're not home to throw the sparkle balls for her. Merry Christmas to the IBKC family!

  8. Awww, Wylla and Bean! I am smiling more and more as I look at each of these pictures! You are two gorgeous kitty ladies! I really like your new scratcher, too :)

  9. The girls are adorable in their Christmas finery! Our cats agree that the boxes are the best part of Christmas. They deigned to play with one of the toys they received for a few minutes, but then they just wanted to nap in the boxes. Ah, cats...

  10. After my house was broken into, Santa reminded me that I am blessed with beautiful Enid and Hester and that I should never forget that...even when they sit in the middle of the book I am trying to read. Many blessings on you house, cat and family members. Sending you all wonderfully warm wishes for the new year.

  11. I love your Christmas photos and it looks like a good time was had by all. Wylla looks like she's pretending to be a race car driver in that first photo of her in the box.

  12. Lovely Christmas, Laurie! Your dear girls look beautiful no matter what. Our indoor kitterses had a rough day locked away from allergic company. And the outdoor ferals had it tough too with a family dog in the back yard. But everybody survived and we humans made lovely memories despite it all.

  13. Wylla and Charlene are adorable! May I know where to find the cat scratcher? I tried searching on Amazon but I can't seem to find it.

  14. Santa brought some nip and battery operated mice! He even remembered the dog! It was a good time!

  15. Love the way the girls lined up their tails with the color-coordinated balls in #6. Work it, ladies!

    LG got his first-ever tall cat tree/tower (not sure exactly what the difference is there). He is so pumped and spends a lot of time on it, whether he's gazing out the window or surveying his indoor domain. It *is* rather unsightly, but he loves it, so there we are. :-)



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