Monday, October 13, 2014

The Frost Report

Mimsey and Nigel Frost are both doing well, and living the good life  with my folks.  They spend the bulk of their day watching the wildlife out the windows of the back porch. There's a nice collection of feeders hanging just a few feet from the house, which attract many varieties of birds, lots of squirrels, and even deer.

The day after I arrived, we payed a visit to the pet store, and came home with a nice, tall tower for the cats. It was an instant hit! They both are enjoying this new perspective of the yard.




Nigel is lovely and regal. His coat is long and thick, his tail is huge and floofy. He's quite the athlete, and can leap to impressive heights.

Nigel's a sweet and affectionate fellow, and loves spending time on laps, especially my mom's.




Mimsey is completely adorable. Her face is as sweet as her nose is pink.  Her coat is thick, plush,  bunny-soft, and it's dotted with gray and tabby patches.

She's very loving, and always happy to receive a hug.




As you can imagine, this adorable pair continue to bring lots of joy to my parents, and much life to their home.  

They're all quite happy together!

If, by chance, you've forgotten how adorable these two were as tiny kittens, here's a little video to refresh your memory.



  1. Another kitty tower convert! :D I know those beautiful two are really going to enjoy their new look-out post!

  2. Mimsey and Nigel Frost are beautiful! I hope they enjoy their kitty tower very much!

  3. The Mimsey and Nigel Frost adoption story has always been one of my very favorites. Glad to see them doing so well with Mr. and Mrs. Kitten Whisperer!

  4. Many thanks for the lovely photos of this ultra-contented duo. Hope all is well with Charlene and Wylla.

  5. Lynn, India and ZoubiOctober 13, 2014 at 3:54 PM

    Nigel just has to be an Angora. He is amazing. Mimsy looks like her name- very sweet and happy. I'm so glad we get these updates!! Hi to everyone!

  6. Laurie! Its so good to see new postings from you...and the kitties are very beautiful, sweet and obviously in a very happy home.

    I was surprised at my cat's reactions when I brought home a tower for them....I actually never thought they would be interested in it, but like your kitties in the photo, they took to it instantly and love it.

    In fact, we now have TWO towers, one much taller for my crazy 4 year old orange boy, who flies around on them like a flying squirrel.

    It is funny how it becomes habit to 'check into' your site daily...we miss you when you are gone !

    But I am glad you are having a much-deserved break from all the hard work fund-raising, and being alpha cat on the IBKC!

  7. Debra, Buddy and TigerOctober 13, 2014 at 5:42 PM

    Mimsey and Nigel were and still are such GORGEOUS kitties. I just love Mimsey's tabby spots. In the video, it looks like Nigel has a gray smudge on the top of his head. But in the current photos, I don't see any gray head-smudge. Such pretty, pretty kitties.

    We hope you are having a wonderful visit with your parents.

    Buddy and Tiger's Mom
    (I had troubles publishing, so this might be an almost duplicate. If so, please delete if you'd like.)

  8. YAY! A Frost report! Everyone's looking absolutely fabulous and what's better than a new cat tower for enjoying new views of live Cat TV? They both look so incredibly gorgeous, I want to scoop them up and huggle them muchly. I love the splotches on the insides of Mimsy's calves. The video of them as kittens absolutely killed me with cute and the song was perfect.

  9. Nigel and Mimsey are just as gorgeous as ever, content and sassy!! Glad everyone is Happy :) Hope you all are having a great visit, take care!!

  10. How beautiful and happy they look. I'm glad they're living the good life with Mr. and Mrs. Kitten Whisperer.

    I know towers aren't always preferred by the humans but the kitties do seem to love them so.
    We eventually gave in too and they loved them so much I started designing and building my own much to the delight of our cats, especially our acobat, Sophie.
    The things we do for love. ;-)

  11. I'm curious: do you think they remember you?

    1. I would be surprised if they did. It was a long time ago.

  12. What a great tower for these gorgeous kitties! They will really enjoy the view out the windows--the higher the better :)

  13. Oh I love this so much. What a pair of stunning beautiful kittens and gorgeous adult kitties. I forgot just how cute they were as wee ones. Perfect song to go with a perfect pair of Frosts too. Thanks for sharing Laurie - and I hope you are having a fantastic time!

  14. They are both gorgeous! And they look very content and happy.

  15. Where do they go that they need ID tags? Aren't they house cats?

    1. Yes, they are indoor cats, but my parents like to keep their collars on just in case they slip out.



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