Friday, October 31, 2014

Maddie BOOvier!

I've taken many pictures of kittens posing by pumpkins over the years, but I think this one might be my favorite. Maddie BOOvier really is the perfect little Halloween kitten, isn't she?

sweet little pumpkin - maddie

I shared the photo above on Twitter last night, and Maddie's mom, Alicia, replied with a current picture of  her sweet girl. 

She's still is a cute little pumpkin.  Happy Halloween, Maddie!  Thanks for sharing, Alicia!


  1. I just love torties! My Sammy girl was a beautiful tortie who lived to 19 1/2! Grown up Maddie looks a lot like my Sammy girl.

    Happy Halloween to all,
    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  2. Lovely as a kitten, adorable as a grown up. Glad to know she still likes her pumpkins.

  3. She *is* still an adorable little pumpkin!

  4. So pretty, and she has the Halloween pose just right.

  5. Maddie is a beautiful tortie. So glad she still enjoys the props of the season!

    The Bouvier litter is very early in the IBKC aren't they?

  6. Oh Maddie, you sweet little pumpkin!! I always remember you, the heart on your nose and your heart-warming adoption story.

    Love to you Maddie, and your wonderful mom, Alicia.



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