Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Walking the Walk

Just like we do each year, we had a great time at Dog-A-Thon.  The event raised over $250,000 and it felt pretty great knowing that our kitty community was responsible for over half of that!

The shelter staff, volunteers, and board members offered many congratulations and thanks and were all quite impressed with this community of ours.    Rightfully so!  You are impressive!

Here are some highlights from the day.  I regret not getting better pictures of the event.  It's kind of an intense day, and it's hard to remember to shoot when so much is going on.

All of the human members of Team IBKC wore matching tee shirts. 


And Blixa wore a coordinating IBKC bandana.


We carried signs on the walk, and the folks passing us on the trail often yelled "we love cats!" in support.


Wylla wasn't the only kitty at Dog-A-Thon.  Ninja Bob was there too, though he calls it "Bob-A-Thon".   It's Bob's world, the rest of us just live here.


Cora entered Bob in the costume content.  He was a martini.

"Drinks are on me!" says Bob.


Here's Craig touring the grounds with Wylla on his shoulder.


And here's some of the team walking the walk.


We were joined by our friend Lynn, mom of Zoubie (Zelda) Lamm.  She dressed to coordinate with Wylla and carried her for part of the walk.


Lynn loves Wylla dearly, and an opportunity to carry her on the trail triggered tears of joy.   Her husband Alex was there to document this happy moment.


At the half-way point, we stopped for a little break.


Wylla needed a little treat to maintain her stamina.   Be carried for over a mile is exhausting!


And after we completed our victory lap, more treats for Wylla.


We sure had fun and felt you all walking with us in spirit!  Next year, you really must join us!!


  1. Wonderful pictures of a wonderful day.

  2. Did Bob win??? What a great event....

    1. Bob won an honorable mention this year.
      There was a fabulous dog in a Tin Man costume and his person was dressed as Dorothy.

  3. Wylla standing on the green bench in all her yeti glory!!! Oh my, cutest tummy ever!

  4. What a great story and excellent photos!

    I love the comment about it being Ninja Bob's world--that is how cats think. Bob is one handsome guy, especially with those extra long whiskers.

  5. With how much of the $$ is going for the cats too, they should rename it from Dog-a-thon to Pet-a-thon!

    So happy to donate to such a great cause, and thanks for sharing your photos (and your TIME!) of the event.

  6. I also love the photo of Wylla standing on the bench. Adorable :)

    1. I think she looks like Mary Poppins in that picture, standing there all proper (imagine the bench rail is Mary's umbrella...)

  7. How does Wylla cope with dogs when she's out in public, my Kitty is learning to walk on his harness and I worry about the first dog encounter

  8. She usually rides on our shoulders or she's carried and it's pretty rare that a dog notices her at all. Out of all those dogs at Dog-A-Thon, only one seemed to acknowledge her. If there are dogs around, she's never on the ground. I just don't want to put her at risk.

    1. Thanks :) weight training in order then - my boy is a big puss

    2. Thanks :) weight training in order then - my boy is a big puss

  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. Also love the one of Wylla standing on the bench. Also, what an inspired costume, Bob! Well played, sir. Well played.

  10. I just love how Wylla puts her little paw on the hand that is feeding her, just to make sure she doesn't spill anything!! How dang cute is that!

    Did Wylla interact with Ninja Bob? As I recall, they met at the HS once but Wylla was not to impressed with Bob's wonderful-ness at the time..., LOL!!

  11. That first one of her standing is killing me dead. With the tiny white feets...agh!

  12. Of course she needed two treats. It takes a lot out of a girl when you have to be gorgeous for so many people, and you were keeping her awake, so she missed a lot of beauty sleep, which meant tapping into her energy reserves. You really pushed her, Laurie. A few more treats wouldn't have been a bad idea to help her replenish all the reserve energy she was forced to use.

    The pics of her standing up on her back feet put a huge smile on my face. Stretch for it, Wylla! She's an excellent spokescat for fostering and adoption. Speaking of excellent spokescats, Ninja Bob is a very handsome tabby man. I *love* that his costume was a martini. What a hoot!

  13. Yes, yes, I LOVE her!!!! She is this little warm bundle of floof that has such a sense of Zen. I always have a moment of pause to think of how fast could I run off with her- but then I realize almost anyone could catch me. Even Ninja Bob could out run me! So I'll settle for the once a year walk with the celebrity cat and the IBKC team. Yay! Alex will be very happy to see himself on the blog. Yay! Yay Laurie! Yay Craig! Yay Wylla! Yay Bean!!! Yay for a beautiful day. (I'm enthusiastic!)

    1. If she ever went missing, I would check your house first. And then Cynthia's.

  14. Wylla has gotten used to stretching/sitting up when she eats, she is smart in addition to being beautiful!

  15. Amazing. Simply amazing, all of you.

  16. oh my- that picture of Wylla eating treats- that floofy tummy!



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