Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Each year during our FUNdraiser, we get a visit from Opal the human (not Opal the kitten) and little brother Ellis.   They come by to say hello to the kittens, and they bring along a donation to our fundraiser.  Sometimes it comes from their very own piggy banks, sometimes they collect donations from others.

This year, Opal sold custom cat collage portraits to her friends and family, and raised over $30 for the Humane Society cats and kittens.

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1

She also made and sold valentines, cards and bookmarks at two craft sales with her pal Lola, and they raised over $100 together.

This year, Opal and Ellis came with a  donation of a  remarkable $146.03!

But they're not stopping there!  Opal and Ellis made a big batch of adorable paper kitties, and today, the next fifty people who make a donation of $10 or more will receive one kitty from Opal or Ellis!




How it works: pay a visit to our FUNdraising page and make your donation of $10 or more.  Once you're done, send us an EMAIL with your snail mail address,  in the subject line write "Opal and Ellis", and we'll send you an original piece of kitty art! They colored some of the kitties to resemble Bean, Wylla, and the Kibblesmiths.  Others come from their imagination.  Each kitty is unique, adorable, and some are even signed on the back!

Thank you for being so generous, Opal, Ellis, and Lola!  Your big hearts and giving ways are inspiring!

And thanks for coming over to say "hi" to the Kibblesmiths.  I hope you enjoyed your visit!






BUT WAIT!  There's more!!!

I've got a couple of items that we'll be auctioning off today.  Craig's created another fabulous watercolor painting of Bean that I'll be posting on Ebay.


And our dear friend Cora crocheted these adorable Bean and Wylla cup cozies, which I'll post at the same time.  I may just have to bid on these myself.


These two auctions will start this morning, and run 24 hours.  I will post when they go live, so you can hop on over there and bid.

Did you happen to notice how close we are getting to our $100,000?   Thanks to Cynthia's moving video and huge match, we were able to roll past $95,000!   It was a great day, and we raised over $10,000 for the new foster room and kitten head-start program!!!

We are getting SO close now!  In fact, I think we'll hit that huge goal today!!

Our awesome anonymous donor has offered up a $2500 match!  For every dollar we donate, she'll donate the same, until we reach the $2500 cap.   And  if we meet that, we will meet our goal!!!!

The match runs until 3:00 PM, which is a little earlier than we normally end our matches, but I wanted to be sure that we end it early so our friends on the east coast can see it happen, and celebrate with us!

OH, this is going to be an exciting day!

Kitty art!
Awesome match!
And more alumni updates!!!

Thank you so much.  I appreciate you and all this support!  This community is so incredible, and every day you blow my mind.  LOVE YOU!


  1. Oh my gosh! This is going to be an exciting day! Love the work done by the kids - how thoughtful and generous! Looking forward to seeing the target matched and rolled over today (fingers & paws crossed)!

  2. When I grow up I want to be as nice and generous as Opal and Ellis.

  3. Love Opal and Ellis!!!! These sweet kids are going to grow up into amazingly kind adults. The world could use more Opals and Ellises xoxo

  4. such great art - love it when kids give back :)

  5. Wow those cat collages are cute. How sweet and generous of Opal, Lola and Ellis to make all those things for the kitty fundraising! I thought I was done donating but it's really tempting to get one of those kitty art.

    And which one of the kitties is napping away while there are two kids playing with her siblings right next to her?

  6. Love all the artwork! The paper kitties and the kids...adorable ! And the cup cozies and the watercolor are really amazing. What talented friends you have, Laurie !

  7. Opal and Ellis, and Opal's pal Lola, are what's good with the younger generation and I love that they're always thinking of new ways to help the fundraiser. Way to go, Opal the Human (not Opal the Cat) and Ellis and Lola!

  8. Bravo! Opal the Human is super special and I love how she involved her brother and a friend in loving and helping the kitties.

    So many thanks to them!



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