Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Online Romance

You know how Charlene likes handsome tabby boys? Well, Ninja Bob is a handsome tabby boy, and for years, Charlene and Ninja Bob have been flirting via Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to being handsome, Bob's also the spokescat for the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center, so perhaps you've heard of him, or the organization he represents.

Finally, after a three-year plus online romance, the two finally met.

Here's how it all went down:

He hissed, she hissed, he stopped, she flopped.


Sadly, in reality, there was no chemistry.  

Time to update your profile on, Bean

FUNdraiser update!
With less than five minutes to spare, we met the $5000 match from our awesome anonymous donor, and secured that $2500 bonus!!  When that was added to the pot, we cruised past $50,000, and we are now over halfway to our goal!   Even though the match is met, until 10:00 AM (pacific time) tomorrow, all the money we raise is going towards the foster program and the new room we're going to build for the wee ones.  So please,  keep on giving if you can!   It's a great program to support, and this new room is really going to make a huge difference for the kittens! To learn more about the changes they're making to the program, please read the post from earlier today. 

Thank you SO MUCH for pushing so hard to meet the match today.   I know it was huge, but we did it together.  We appreciate every donation, $5, $50, or $500, because when we pool it together, we can do great things, like building a room for a head-start program for kitties!  

I am proud of us!  Thank you awesome anonymous donor and IBKC community!!!    


  1. Sometimes, fantasy is better than reality. So sorry it didn't work out for you two.

  2. I have a crazy feeling Bob will continue to carry a torch. =^..^=

  3. LG's all - Mom! She likes handsome tabby boys. Well, I'm a handsome tabby boy! Can you make me an interwebz profile? I'll need a head shot, too. 'kay, thanks!

  4. it's hard to have chemistry in a jailhouse romance...

  5. You know, the PRESSURE for them to hit it off must have been oppressive. They can continue to have an online friendship...Ninja Bob is a handsome tabby fella.

    If I met Charlene, Oskar & Klaus as well I would have fulfilled a daydream of meeting the top 5 Seattle felines.

  6. It's okay, Charlene and Ninja Bob. Harry and Sally didn't like each other at first either and then they ended up having a happily ever after.

  7. My dad is all, "Spike (one of my boy kitties) has a girlfriend! (meaning my girl kitty)" and I'm all, "Dad, they're neutered and spayed and stuff, ew." I don't know why, but somehow I can't picture kitty romance after the snipping has been done.

    1. Miss Bean knows that there is more to romance than just the physical.

  8. It's all good Bob and Bean. Just continue to live out your romance virtually. Its usually better that way, anyway! On a side note, where did Bob's mom get that cool carrier? I must have one!

  9. I have 2 handsome Brown tabby boys and a handsome Buff tabby boy that would love to meet Miss Butterbean, however any romance would have to be online as we live halfway across the country from you and all 3 hate car rides :-(

  10. Bean, if you ever come to Cleveland, I have a sweet ginger tabby named Pippin who'd love to meet you... :)

  11. Oh, Bean. I know just how you feel. :)


  12. Sorry it didn't work out this time Bean. Maybe you will have better luck on Plenty of Fish :)

  13. Perhaps each was overwhelmed by each others amazin-ness!
    But what a photo-op! Ninja Bob and Beanie!!!! Sqeeee!

  14. Well, they're both very busy professionals with a lot of responsibility and not much time for romance, anyway.



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