Monday, July 14, 2014

LIVE from the IBKC FUNdriaiser: Bob Lends a Paw

Good morning, my name is Ninja Bob. Perhaps you've heard of me - I'm quite famous in Tacoma. Possibly,  world-wide.


Unlike most cats, I have a job.  I'm a spokeskitty for the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center.

I work full time, and yes, today I am volunteering and answering phones for the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee's FUNdraiser.


I am doing this out of the kindness heart, on my personal time, and I'm missing naps.

Why you ask?


Because I care.


And because I get extra treats.


But mostly because I care.


OK, it's for the treats.  But I do care.  I really do care.


I'm also doing this because I look so dashing in a tuxedo.


So give me a call, I'll be here all day raising funds to spay and neuter cats and kittens.


Making a difference...


.... and looking good while doing it.


Bob's a popular cat, so there's a chance the lines will be tied when you call to make your donation.   Should you get a busy signal, you can always make a donation on our FUNdraising page

Thank you! 

And don't forget, there's a $3500 matching donation challenge happening right now. Make a donation, and your dollars are doubled by Cynthia, until we each the $3500 cap! 


  1. Looking rather dashing there, Ninja Bob! Thanks for spelling the Kibblesmiths off. Maybe Charlene will take a second look now that you are all dressed up? Hope you get plenty of treats.

  2. Looking good, Ninja Bob, even though the heat wave appears to have dictated that you go with your short-sleeved tux and shirt. If I had to work on a shag carpet, I'd go with "Casual Classic", too.

  3. you are very dashing Ninja Bob - hope the girls don't distract you from your duties :)

  4. Oh Ninja Bob, your dashing looks made me send in my donation. You are just too handsome in that tux!

  5. I'll have you know that all my kitties have jobs. They ensure that every surface is covered with cat hair, that hairballs are deposited in the exact location where I will step barefooted, and that the entire neighborhood is under constant surveillance from a multitude of windows. Frankly it is no wonder that they are exhausted and sleeping when I get home.
    Also - Ninja Bob is a very handsome spokesmodel. He has a "James Bond" look.

  6. Everyone's crazy for a sharp-dressed cat. Ninja Bob is certainly very swanky in his tux. I'm sure the Kibblesmith sisters think he's 'dreamy.'

  7. Oh Bob! You are quite the handsome lad! Did Charlene get to see you in your tux? I am so sure she would have swooned as much as I am now! :-)

  8. Couldn't refuse you, Ninja Bob!



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