Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Live From the IBKC FUNdraising Headquarters: Maeve Gets Schooled

This year I was promoted to phone bank lead, and I'm responsible for training the Kibblesmiths.  Oh look, here comes my first student now!  


Good morning, Maeve. My name is Ms Stout. I hope you've come prepared to learn. 

Where's your pen and notebook? You're going to need to take notes.  


Slow down, Maeve. You're not ready to take a call yet. There's learning to be done. 


Paws off the phone, Maeve. Just listen for now. 


Rule number one: ALWAYS be polite. These are kind, kitty-loving people and they are very important to us and the success of this fundraiser. Treat them with respect. 

Rule number two: stick to the script. I know you're quite a talker,  but do not stray from the words that you've learned.  Keep it short, collect the needed information, close the conversation with a thank you, hang up.  

Rule number...........


(ring,,,, ring,,,,,ring,,,,,)

I GOT THIS ONE, Wylla!!! 

Maeve, I don't think you're ready.  Let me grab this call.  


I GOT IT Wylla, I GOT IT!! Don't worry, I can do it.  I GOT IT! 



Pick up the phone and put it back on the desk, Maeve. 

Shall we move on to rule number three?


Yes Ms Stout. What's rule number three? 

It's a good thing Wylla is such a patient teacher!   While they finish up their schooling,  why don't we head over to our Firstgiving page to make our donations.

I know many of you will be sneaking off early this week to enjoy the holiday, but before you go, would you please consider making a donation to our FUNdraiser for our shelter.  It's a hard week down there.  So many animals are frightened off by fireworks and separated from their families.  The Humane Society staff works so hard caring for this influx of scared strays and reuniting them with their humans.  It's a dedicated bunch, and they do good work.

To help make this short week, a great week, we've got a $2000 matching donation challenge from an awesome, anonymous donor.   She'll be matching our donations dollar-for-dollar until we reach the $2000 cap!

The match runs until 7:00 tonight (pacific time),  so that gives us plenty of time to get there.

To make a tax-deductible donation to our FUNdraiser, and get your dollars doubled, please visit our Firstgiving page.  

You know on the match days, I always post a lot, so do visit often!   Thanks!


  1. poor Wylla - good luck with those new students. :)

  2. Such a look on Wylla's face in that last photo! I can almost hear her sighing...

  3. That is the cutest thing in the world and made my DAY !!

  4. You're a very patient teacher, Wylla. Just take a deep breath and count to ten (or twenty). She'll get there!

  5. Oh, Wylla, I'm a teacher, too, and it does take a lot of patience! I'm glad you have eager students, like I do. They'll get it soon!

  6. ... and thus does the student become the teacher. Well done, Ms. Stout!



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