Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Box Forts in the Basement

Yesterday was quite a day, and I can tell by the stats that you all were tuned in, following along and watching all the excitement! This year's Senior Cat Day broke records, and by midnight last night, we had raised an incredible $14,353 for the senior cats at our shelter.

Thank you to all who showed their love for the seniors by making a donation.  This money will go far and do so much!  I'm so proud of what we accomplished yesterday! Thank you for making it such an awesome day!!!!   We raised a ton for the seniors AND we rolled past the $25,000 mark, which is one quarter of our goal.

The kittens are working hard taking all those calls, so we want to reward them with plenty of playtime.  I have lots of 8x8 boxes on hand that are used for transporting floral arrangements, and they are perfectly kitten-sized. The girls love climbing in and on them, and if you throw towels over the top of them, they make perfect little forts.  You can't see them in the picture, but Evie and Delphine are tucked inside the box.  Maeve in on lookout.  

I love how with kittens you can add just one new element to their world, and everything becomes exponentially more interesting for them.








  1. Messy Maeve's not looking so messy anymore! Is she figuring out the whole eating thing or is she fresh from the bath?

  2. I am a cat foster who enjoys reading about your similar bathing issues when the kittens are learning to eat, how you keep,the tinies warm, etc.

    1. We use a Snuggle Safe, which is a microwavable disc that slips into their bed and stays warm for 8 hours.

  3. Lisa (mom of Chai)July 1, 2014 at 10:58 AM

    Aww so cute! Maeve is adorable.

    In our house, that changing element is paper. A big piece of paper (newspaper, packing paper, a large cut- open paper bag) strewn over anything is magical. A huge Turbo-Track layout is a yawn until paper is laid on top, then it somehow becomes a wonderland! Their imaginations somehow come alive with those extra elements!

  4. Miss Maeve is a wonderful sentry, keeping her sisters safe from whatever perceived goblins (of kitties or foster mom) might want to come nibble on their toes.

  5. Maeve is turning into quite the little beauty, she's doing a grand job.

  6. No cat can resist the lure of cardboard.

  7. Teeny tabbieeeeeszzzzzz.

  8. Kittens are awesome that way. Everything is new and mysterious, so it doesn't take much to fascinate them. Just one of the many kitten traits I love and adore. One of the things I love about Miss Maeve is the 'lightly toasted marshmallow' color around her whiskers. Such a gorgeous color!



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