Thursday, July 24, 2014

Beautiful Spooners!

I had to cut into our celebration time and make a run to the airport to pick up Craig.  It was killing me not being able to check blog comments, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on the road, but it sure was nice to come  back to a flood of congratulations from all of you!  Thanks for being as excited about this victory as we are!  And thank you again to all who helped us reach that goal!   Just so you know, I'm not done thanking you yet.  There will be many posts to come on the subject of my gratitude!

One of the most awesome parts about reaching your goal early is that we still have a full day of fundraising left!  I know some were waiting until the very last day to donate, so we should see plenty more come in.  I can hardly wait to see how high it climbs!

Last year our online fundraising ended up at $107,000 and with auctions, Paypal, and donations gathered by other team members, we ended up at $117,000.  I do hope we can beat last year's record!  

I promised lots of alumni updates this week,  so here's another.

Remember these two cuties? They are Theodore and Vivienne Spooner, and they stole our hearts four years ago.


Oh, look at the fabulous creatures are today.   So glorious, floofy, and white.


Thank you for sharing these lovely photos of your babies, Roxanne!   They sure are pretty kitties!  Please give them our best.  


  1. So pretty! I love white cats! Well, and tuxies and torties and tabbies and, and, and.....

  2. Those are two of the most beautiful cats I have ever seen. Deb

  3. Wow, it's incredible how the adorable, silly wee kittens seem to have all grown up into drummers, and these two are as stunning as any of them! It's clear they're greatly loved (and loving). And the photographs are gorgeous, too -- my compliments to the photographer!

  4. Lisa (mom of Chai)July 24, 2014 at 10:20 PM

    So regal and elegant!

  5. Two of my favourite kittens. Did I miss an auction for naming kittens this year?

  6. They look just like my kitty, Ivory. She's a pure Turkish Angora. I bet they've got a lot of Turky in them. Beautiful!

  7. OHHH love bunnies!! <3



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