Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bean Reporting for Duty!

Good morning, friends.   I know from experience that today, and the next few days to come, are the quietest days of the FUNdraising season. Everyone is off having fun, eating macaroni salad and deviled eggs, waving flags and sparklers, and celebrating the 4th.

That's why I volunteered to work today. Slower days means I can nap between calls.  Plus, we get holiday pay, which means twice the treats.


So if you are feeling like giving, and I hope you do,  please call me.  I'll be here for you.


And if by chance you get our voicemail (I can be a pretty deep sleeper and may not hear the phone ring) please make your donation online by visiting our FUNdraising page HERE.

Thank you!

Be safe friends, and keep your pets safe too.    




  1. Oh, Charlene, you're a wonder. Have a good nap and if you are up to it, tomorrow we have Brazil x Colombia in soccer too. Those little men and that little ball are great to try and catch on TV! :D
    Happy 4th of July, friends from the US! Much love from Brazil.

  2. Happy 4th Bean!! Don't work too hard!

  3. This is why you are the Queen, Charlene. No kitty gets anything over on you. Enjoy those holiday pay treats!

  4. All hail the Queen Charlene Butterbean, if anyone wants to contribute to your fund raising efforts just looking at this sweet gal will melt your heart and open up your wallet..Oh,my kitteh cat royalness, all Hail the Queen!



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