Sunday, July 20, 2014

A New Spot to Nap

When the Kibblesmiths started coming upstairs, I moved the FUNdraising set from the basement to the dining room table. And when I moved the set from the basement to the dining room table, Wylla decided that THIS was her new favorite napping spot, and you can find her there a good part of any day.

I know I shouldn't encourage this behavior, but I have been letting her stay up there.  Craig has too, and I even caught him taking picture of her napping up there.  

I thought once the fundraiser is over, I would make the "shag carpet" into a little blanket for Wylla, and then place it in a good napping spot and encourage her to move on.   I think once the set is gone, the table will become a little less desirable.  Let's hope, anyway.

So for now, nap away, Wylla.  You look so adorable and giant up there.





Don't forget about our "Cozy Beds for Kittens" match that's going on until 7:00 PM tonight.  For every $25 that's donated, Mary will be making a cozy fleece bed for a shelter cat!  She'll make up to 50 beds, and with the donations that have come in, she is already committed to making 26 so far.  Let's keep going and max it out!!!

If you would like to get in on the match, please visit the FUNdraising page, and make your donation there.

Thank you, friends!  

PPS  We rolled past $75 squillion last night!
PPS   You are awesome!!!


  1. I could go for one of those itty bitty kitteh beds, yes I could, somedays I just get so so dadblasted tired but when I get to your blogsite I perk right up and I am so happy..Hoping for your fund raising activities to go thru the roof..have a wonderful week, get some rest and keep up your wonderful efforts to save those itty bitty kitteh cats! ciao and X()X()

  2. She is so smart! Technically, she's not *on* the dining room table.


  3. I don't blame you, Wylla - that rug looks awfully comfy.

  4. Anywhere there are couches and a rug are permissible places to snooze. I do keep forgetting the set is small enough to *fit* on a table.

  5. Maybe you could put the shag carpet/blanket inside a new box/mini cat "house" for her?

    She looks adorable!

  6. I'm sure if the set moved, she would, too. Have comfy nap spot, will travel!

  7. Wylla maybe attracteded to the set not just because of the carpet, but the surrounding. She might like it because it is partially enclosed (but not totally enclosed) so it feels safe and secure.

  8. Wylla, you look like you're a guest on the tonight show!



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