Friday, June 27, 2014

Live From the IBKC FUNdraising Headquarters: First Day on the Phones

Oh, Evie, I am nervous.


I think we're in over our heads.


I know we've been training hard on the set, but honestly, I don't even know how to poop without stepping in it.  How can I be expected to answer the phone and take donations?

I think we should let those big cats upstairs take the calls.  I bet they know how to do this.


I'm nervous too, Delephine, but I think we need to at least give it a try. We've rehearsed our script over and over again, and I think you've got it down.  Just relax.

Hey, the phone is ringing. Give it a try.  And put it on "speaker" so I can hear it too.


Alright, Evie. Here I go. Gulp.

Hi this is Delphine can I have your money?


Delphine, hit the "mute" button.  Delphine, mute the call.  Delphine. Bottom left hand corner, next to the "speaker" button.  Mute.  Nevermind! JUST HANG IT UP.  


OK.  That's not not what we rehearsed, Delphine!


I told you I wasn't ready.

We'll get them up to speed over the weekend, in the meantime why don't we make our donations online at our Firstgiving page!  

A huge thanks to everyone who jumped in early, and gave us an awesome first day! Did you see our long list of donors already?  We met our matching donation challenge, and ended day one of  fundraising with over $7,000!   That's a pretty great start!

Of course, we still have $93,000 to go, so this race is far from over!

And to help us get a little closer to our goal, our dear friend Cynthia has offered up a big matching donation challenge for us.   Until 9:00 PM (Pacific Time), she'll be matching your donations dollar-for-dollar until we reach the $2500 cap!  

That's right friends, for every dollar you donate, she'll do the same!  And if we hit that $2500 mark, that means $5000 for the homeless cats and kittens!   That buys a whole lot of kitty kibble!

Thank you so much for this awesome match, Cynthia.  We appreciate your generosity so much, and thank you for inspiring others to give too.  

To make your tax-deductible donation to our shelter, please visit HERE.  And if you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to send me an email.   Or, if you would like to sponsor a matching donation challenge of your own, please  send me a message. Matches can be set for any dollar amount, $500 and above.  

Ok friends, I'll be back again later today with another post and some Kibblesmith updates.  Also, during the FUNdraiser I post on the weekends too, so do check in from time to time!

Thanks for listening to our pleas!  And thank you for all the support.  And thank you for having such huge hearts for the cats and kittens.


  1. Even if her phone etiquette is still developing...yes. Yes, Delphine can have my money.

  2. Also, that third picture is perfection. Those faces!

  3. Dear Delphine, every newbie makes that mistake. Next time purr loudly when asking for the monies. That should do the trick.And make Maeve answer the phone.

    1. Maeve's probably off getting yet another bath... She seems to be the messiest. Maybe she just really likes taking baths?

  4. Yes, Delphine, you can have all of my money! And here are the keys to my car and house, too.

    Keep trying, girls!

  5. You kittens may be n00bs now, but you'll get the hang of it.

    I'm glad you're here to help! I was afraid Charlene and Wylla were going to have to do it all themselves. I'm sure they could handle it, but I imagine it would disrupt their rigorous nap routines.

  6. You can have my money, Delphine - you already have my heart!

  7. Evangeline and Lilliane are In Consultation deciding on their methods for getting their donation ready this year. I'm not allowed to listen in.

  8. I totally love it when the kittens sit behind the desk for pictures !

  9. Just pick up the phone and purr, sweetie pie.

  10. Yes, Delphine, you can totally have my moneys. xx



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