Monday, June 30, 2014

It's Senior Cat Day!!!

For those of you who've been following the IBKC for a while, you know all about Drewey,  our sweet old gal who passed away a few years back at the ripe old age of eighteen.  For those of you who are new, she's the "embrace your inner crank",  lovely, gray tabby in the sidebar.

Drewey was my very first cat, and a very dear girl. We were lucky to have so many amazing years with her.

Here she is in her favorite napping spot - tucked between the plants on the warm deck.

our little old lady cat asleep on the deck

When Drewey passed, several IBKC fans made donations in memory of our girl, and it all went into a fund for senior cats. This money was made available to the vet staff to use for procedures and tests for these cats, such as teeth cleanings,  x-rays,  and blood work.   All that we raise today, will go toward the senior cats!

We all know how special senior cats are, but often people are shy to adopt them because they worry about medical issues and potentially high vet bills to come. If the vet staff has the resources to get the senior cats healthier first, this will reduce the chance of a financial burden for the adopter, and will make the seniors not only  healthier and happier but  more "adoptable".

Some of the money will also be used to improve the accommodations for the seniors. Sadly, their stays at the shelter can be a little longer than your average cat, so providing them with larger, more comfortable cages can make them happier while they're waiting for their human to come along.

We love our kittens, of course, but I know so many of us have a very soft spot for the seniors.  This is always a big during our fundraiser,

There's a very special anonymous person who loves senior cats dearly, and was always a huge fan of Drewey. Our anonymous friend is offering up a very awesome and generous $3000 matching donation challenge for our Senior Day. 

You all know how this works, for every dollar you donate, she'll match it until we hit our $3000 cap.

This matching donation challenge will run until midnight tonight (Pacific Time).

But wait, there's more!  Our anonymous donor is on the East Coast,  and to help us get match the met before she turns in for the night, there's a little incentive.  If we meet her challenge by 6:00 PM (Pacific Time), she's going to donate another  $1500 for the senior cats!

So please,  let's meet this match, and meet it early!  

If you're planning on donating during our fundraiser, today is a very good day to do it. Your dollars will be doubled if you get in on the challenge and you'll be helping out the seniors, too!  

Maybe make a donation in honor of a special senior cat in your life?   Or for the one you said goodbye to, that forever holds a place in your heart?

Please click HERE to make a tax-deductible donation today for our very special seniors.  And if your donation is in honor of a senior, please tell about it in the comment section of this blog post or the comment section when your donate. 

THANK YOU so much for caring, giving, and making a difference in the lives of precious senior cats!

Stay tuned friends, there is SO much more to come today.   I've got some Wylla and Kibblesmiths to share, a little Drewey retrospective, and more!


  1. Oldies but Goodies!
    On my way to donate!
    Patti in KY

  2. Just donated in memory of Georgie who passed away aged 16 just last Friday. Love to all seniors out there xxxx

  3. It's here, it's here! I love Senior Cat Day!!! :D

  4. Dave and Amy GonigamJune 30, 2014 at 8:11 AM

    Have been waiting for Senior day!

    In memory of Marquette and Joliet (our Grand Old Ladies) and Spikie (our Distinguished Elderly Gentleman).

  5. <3 <3 Big hearts for the senior kitties <3 <3

  6. Donated in honour of our two cats - Gabriel is aged 17 who we adopted when he was 8 and Ollie, who is 12 whom we adopted just this year!

    1. They are so lucky you came along! You rock!

  7. I will race home tonight to make my donation by 6pm. I love senior kitties. They are the best!

  8. Donated in memory of my friend's constant companion, Cleo, who recently crossed the rainbow bridge. Also thinking of my sweet kitty-in-law Ms. Tiger, aka Tiny Tiger, aka Therapy Kitten, who at 13 plus may have lost a step but is still one lovely little kit-kat.

  9. Donate in honor of The black devil cat Katie. She was a rescue from a hoarding situation when she was 6 weeks old and always had some issues from that. She crossed the rainbow bridge a couple of months ago at 13 1/2, 3 years longer than anyone thought. Sarah

  10. [Senior] Skootch just donated. I have a special place in my heart for elder cats. They are so sweet and loving.

  11. Utterly adore our senior, Casper, who came to live with us at 9 years of age and is now 13 and going strong. Other than the creaky joints, but hey, I have them also :D

  12. Last year was my first to donate to the FUNdraiser. This year I am pacing myself for special days like today. We have three sweet seniors. Tori is 18, Callie is 17 and Morley is 16. I saw something the other day that said "Too old to climb the curtains, not too old to climb in your lap". I hope the senior kitties get lots of help to get adopted. They truly are worth it!

  13. Wow, that match was met between the time I first saw this post and just now when I was able to actually sit down and donate! Is that the fastest you've ever met a match, Laurie? Not that I don't understand completely, since I grew up with a senior, sweet Princess, who lived to nearly 23, and live right now with Emily, who's 19 and going strong! Senior cats are the best!



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