Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oh, What a Night!

I really wish you all could have been at the book release party  - it was such an amazing night.  The turnout was incredible.  It was such a happy crowd!  We saw so many of our adopting families.  The parents of former fosters Agnes, Carmine, Marcel, Imogene, Oliver, Benny, Arthur, Fern, Freddie Jean, Kirby, Clement, Bernice,  Baxter, and Zelda (just to name a few) were there!  Opal the Human and her brother attended.  The Canopy Cat Rescue guys were there. We had some surprise guests that came all the way from Vancouver, BC!  Dear friends traveled from Seattle, Olympia, California and as far away as Virginia to attend.   There were humans, cats, AND dogs at the party!  I had SO MUCH FUN chatting with everyone and signing their books!

The night was exciting and magical, the weather was incredible.  It truly was the perfect evening.


The crowds formed early, and the line got long fast.  Folks didn't seem to mind the wait too much. In fact, it may have been the most joyous line I've ever seen.   Lots of happy faces in the crowd!


This is the split second the IBKC balloons behaved and aligned.


So many friends came out for the event.  Here are our pals Brendan and Susan.


And this is our dear friend Dave.  He loves cats more than anyone I know.  And I know a lot of cat lovers!!


Wylla met many new friends that night.  This is cutie pie is Steven, he's young, but he already loves casts almost as much as Dave does.


Wylla did so well, I was so proud of our little girl.  She just stayed in her little basket and accepted pets from many people.  She took a few naps, and participated in many selfies with the party guests.


She wasn't the only cat at the party!  Ninja Bob, spokeskitty for the Northwest Spay and Neuter Center,  joined us too.  He travels in style with our friend Cora.


Bob is so handsome!  And he's the first one to tell you that!


Here's Miko,  one of the shop cats at King's.   He's checking out the pet food donations that our guests brought in for the shelter's emergency pet food bank. Over $2700 in food and money donations were collected that night!  Over 300 pounds of food!!!!!   WOW!


Our dear friend Cynthia arranged to have some very lovely flowers delivered to the party.


She also surprised us with some lovely trays of sweet and savory bites for our guests.


We had the most delicious cake.


And my friend Erika baked this adorable kitty cupcakes.  Sadly, they disappeared before I could get my hands on one!


A lot of people helped make this party a very special one.  I'm so grateful to so many.  Expect official thank you notes soon Cynthia, Anne, Anne, Jay, Marguerite, Craig, Sarah, Shana, Jim,  Erika sweet pea and the King's staff.  Oh, I hope I'm not forgetting anyone.

You all are awesome, and I wouldn't have made it through the night without your help.

A huge hank you to everyone who came out that night to celebrate. It meant SO much to me that you were there.  And thank you too for buying the book, and saying nice things about it!

Thanks to all who were there in spirit.  I felt your support, and appreciate it so much.

I am surrounded by so many generous, thoughtful and supportive people, and I am so grateful.

Thank you for making this very big day in my life so memorable and special for me.


PS Thanks for letting me borrow your photographs Craig, Marguerite,  Lynn, Alex, Susan, Monika, and Lisa.


  1. I wish I could have been there. It sounds like it was a truly wonderful time. And so many cats to pet and love!

  2. Ninja Bob, yes!! That little man knows how to party.

    I finally got my book today and I'm so mad I have to do dumb work instead of learn about Nigel & Mimsey's air travel and read Beanie's advice column. The first page I opened to was little Shrimp Louie up on the baby gate! :)

  3. Congratulations! On writing the book, on surviving the night, on raising two gorgeous kitties and sharing them and the kittens with us. Enjoy some much-needed rest, Laurie, with thanks from all of us!

  4. Thanks for sharing the pics and story. Sounds like it was a wonderful night! Don't tell LG but Ninja Bob is almost as good-looking as he is. (Oh. Hi, LG. I did say "almost.")

  5. Gosh I SO would have loved to attend! Off to buy the book through your local bookstore now! Congratulations!

    Patti in KY

  6. Congrats!! I wish I could have been there, but Pearla, Sheldon and I were there in spirit!!

  7. Congratulations! Sounds like everyone, 2 and 4-legged, had fun that night! Did Wylla get to meet any of the other pets there or only the humans?

    1. We didn't let them get too close to each other. We didn't want to stress anyone out. Shop cat Atticus was curious, though.

  8. Congratulations on a wonderful launch evening!

  9. LG just made me order a copy, too. :-)

  10. It was great! We wouldn't have missed it for the world. :-) It was a very, very happy event.

  11. Wow, what a great evening! Laurie, you deserve all the joy in that bookstore and then some! Wylla looks so sweet in her little basket :) Congratulations!!

  12. I choked up a bit upon reading your account. What a beautiful night! I am so moved that you were able to raise so much food for the emergency pantry. And I'm so happy to hear about the outpouring of love you received. It is well deserved. I'm so happy for you.

  13. All in all, sounds like it was a very successful night!! So happy to see the photos and still wish I could have been there.

    So happy for you and those who will benefit from the donations.

    God bless you, Laurie!

  14. CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS it looked to be a terrific night and well deserved by all.
    I live in Ireland and was wondering if its possible to buy your book over here?
    I do not have a amazon account

    1. You can order it through the King's Books and have it shipped internationally, and it's available through Amazon UK. I would talk to your local bookseller and see if they can bring it in - I don't know the answer to that question, but they would.

    2. Thank you for getting back to me

  15. Love the balloons. What beautiful kitty guests. We're all so happy it was a successful evening all around.

    Buddy Tiger and their mom

  16. What a wonderful celebration! It looks and sounds like it was a truly joyous evening -- not only because of your accomplishments in creating the book, but by also helping the shelter even more with donations of food and funds. Ninja Bob is a very handsome boy, and Miko is pretty gorgeous, too! And of course could there be anything sweeter than Wylla in her basket?

    The book is truly adorable; there are so many familiar photos in it, and yet so many new ones, too. I know that it will be a great success! And we can help it out by providing good reviews on sites like Amazon, too. Just a suggestion. :-)

  17. Great work, everyone! AND Ms Wylla, for being such a sport and staying put in your basket with little fuss. Her coat looks WONDERFUL after her bath the previous day. Good luck with your book sales!

  18. It was so good to see you, and I had great fun reading the book!

  19. Congratulations Laurie, you deserve the wonderful night and so much more, for everything you give to the kittens and for sharing with us all, so many beautiful and emotional moments.
    I wish I could have been there!!! And didn't Wylla looked so grown up ?? All the best to you and yours.

  20. I wonder if any of your party guests are sending you copies of their selfies with Wylla? I would love to see a Wylla-and-friends gallery.



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