Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Nice to See You Again, Franklin and Daphne!!

HOORAY!  I'm so thrilled to be able to share another alumni update with you today!

Remember that fabulous pack of tabbies, the Winklers?

Well, Leslie, mom to Franklin and Daphne (now Madison)  just sent me a few photos of her pair.  First, let's take a look back at how adorable they were when they were wee.

Here's Franklin.


And here's Daphne.


Here they are together.


Here they are today!





And here's what Leslie had to day...

 Hi Laurie, 

 The kitties are terrific and as silly as ever. The sleep more since they have gotten older but they chase each other every day, love their feather wands and are always on bug patrol for ladybugs and moths.

Madison still sleeps on hard surfaces and totally approves of the table runner on the dining room table. She is quite the headbutter/chinrubber and we are afraid she'll get a concussion or a splinter with her enthusiasm some days! 

Franklin loves his sister. He seeks Madison out for head licks and won't let her nap in peace. Madison has overcome her litter pan issues with reminders at breakfast, lunch and dinner to "go potty" and will run downstairs under meowy protest. She'll return some time later in triumph sailing over the top two steps and will bound into the living room to play. 

 Madison is independent. Franklin likes to be close by his sis or peoples. He still loves to stretch and roll over sticking his feet in whoevers face is close by just like in your IBKC movies and pics. Thank you for including Franklin and Madison in your wonderful book! 

Best Wishes, Leslie, Mike, Madison and Franklin (aka Missy and Bud)

Thank you so much for sharing the update, Leslie!   Franklin and Madison have grown up to be such lovely cats, and I love how they are such a bonded pair.

Please give them some love from all of us!


One last thing before I go today, I wanted to let you all know that our friend Robyn over at Covered in Cat Hair is hosting a IBKC book giveaway!

For full contest details, a review, and a little interview, please visit her lovely blog!

Thanks so much Robyn!  We appreciate your support to so much!


  1. Oh my! They are a lovely pair! So nice to get updates!

  2. What a joy -- lucky kitties, lucky family!

  3. I do so love seeing what your kittens look like as adults! Any chance of getting more families to send updates???? Like of Francine or Geraldine??

  4. Look at those belly spots on Madison! Its great to see these alumni grown up and well cared for.

  5. Terrific tabbies! Madison, we have to talk about this name change thing...

  6. Look at those sleek, gorgeous creatures! All grown up and doing great. I love reading updates on IBKC graduates.

  7. Oh, the Winklers were such a special little tabby bunch, and it is so good to see Franklin and Daffy (I'm sorry, Miss Madison) again. It's so sweet how bonded they are to each other, they are snuggly and beautiful! xoxo

  8. They are so bonded! It is obvious they are wonderful kitties.I love that extra bit of orange on Madison's tummy.



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