Friday, March 14, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dear Sister!

Dear Charlene,

I'm so excited for your birthday party.  I hope mom lets me eat cake.  I got you a present, but I played with it and then accidentally chased it under the stove. Mom said she'd get the yardstick and fish it out in time for the party.


Thank you for being my sister.  I know your life changed a lot once I moved in, hopefully it only changed for the better!  

Thank you for giving me baths. I couldn't keep my coat clean without your help.

Thank you for exercising self control and not kicking my little kitten booty when I instigate brawls.  You're not fooling me, I know you totally could.  I'm young, but I wasn't born yesterday.  

Thank you being so much fun. It's always a blast when we chase each other around the house.

Thank you for being so patient with me.  I'm guessing that I can be a bit trying at times.  I do try not to be, but I'm a kitten, and that's how we're wired.

Thank you for helping me wake Mom and Dad up when I'm hungry in the morning.

Thank you for sharing sunbeams and boxes with me.

Thank you for being the best sister and friend a kitten could ever wish for.

I love you, Bean.  Have a very happy day!  
Wylla Stout


  1. awwww - what a wonderful letter from Wylla

    Happy Birthday Charlene!!!

  2. And I love Bean and Wylla! What a pair! <3

  3. What a lovely birthday wish for Beanie. Miss Wylla is very eloquent for such a little girl. :-)

    Tina & The Kittyboyz (all of them Instigators)

  4. That is so sweet. Getting misty here.

    1. Me too. Not sure why but it hit a chord with me :D

  5. Sweet Wylla, so well-said. Not a dry eye in the house.

  6. Ok - the tears are welling up. These two are so cute.

  7. Aww. I'm a little sister, too, Wylla, and don't we indeed adore and admire our big sisters, even if we drive them crazy sometimes! You are the sweetest, Miss W. xoxo

  8. Tears! Happy Birthday Beautiful!

    Patti in KY

  9. Oh my!! How sweet is this?!?! Sisters are the best!

  10. Happy birthday to the best big sister that a wee one could ever hope for. I adore this picture!

  11. happy birthday charlene. all the best sweetie pie.

  12. Oh, dear.... made me a little teary. You are a wonderful big sister, Bean!

  13. I second every single thing everyone wrote above.

  14. Wow what a beautiful cat miss Charlene Butterbean whee..she was wee tiny one and grew into the lovely lady she is. Happy birthday sweet dolly, and Wylla you are such a sweet little kitten and sister to Bean as she is called..Many happy returns of the day!smooches and hugs to Bean and some for Wylla tooXXXX()()()()()()

  15. Charlene is indeed one of the best big sisters a kitten could have! Mentor, coat-cleaner, instructor, chase partner and so much more.



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