Monday, March 3, 2014

Happiness is an Open Drawer

This weekend, I was cleaning out the dresser in the guest room, and had pulled out all the clothes, and was refolding them on the bed.

Of course when the girls noticed an open, empty drawer, they viewed it as a great opportunity, and hopped right in.

Even though they did nothing more than just sit there, I think it might have been the most fun they had all weekend.








  1. So cute! This happened to my cat once except he decided to hide in the space behind the drawers!

  2. I love cats generally. I love my Evangeline and Lilliane especially. But I have a WILD adoration for the Bean and Wylla. I was going to say "thus-and-such is my favorite of these pictures" -- then realized they ALL are my favorites!

  3. Every open drawer is an undiscovered room in the house. I wonder what Wylla saw in that last picture?

    Tina & The Kittyboyz

  4. Miss Bean & Wylla look like they had a fun afternoon playing!
    what is it about drawers? empty or full, my kitties love them!

  5. Drawers are magic! They are boxes that disappear into thin air! And you can get inside them and disappear, too!

  6. Too funny! Our cats do the same thing.

    I wish the cat carrier worked the same magic--just open the door and they'd walk themselves right in--but unfortunately that does not have the same appeal. Too many bad connotations, I guess.

    1. My cat Hobbes goes right into his carrier as soon as you open it up and put it on the ground. Every. Single. Time. Oddly enough, my last male cat did the same thing.

      My female cat, Daisy, on the other hand? Hides under the bed as soon as she sees the carrier.

  7. hahahaha! sooo cute!


  8. I 'lost' a cat for several panic-stricken hours one night. My old Siamese used to slip out the front door if you weren't careful when you left. My ex had a diving class one night, packed up his stuff in the duffel and wrangled it out with the dive equipment. A little later I noticed that I hadn't see Ming in a while.. and thought that she might have gotten out when all of the equipment wrangling was going on. Searched and searched.. walked around the block, calling her, poking my nose over fences to see if she was in someone else's back yard. Finally had the inspiration to open the drawer in the dresser where swimsuits would have been.. and there she was, curled up, content, and wondering what all the fuss was about. Closed drawers, closed doors.. all are quite enticing to those curious felines and get them into so much trouble.. :)

  9. That third pic!!!!!

  10. We can't have drawers open in our house because our girl cat, Daltrey, considers them kingdoms of mystery and will go straight into wiggling behind the drawers.... then refuse to come out. She *loves* the kingdoms of mystery.

  11. What do you mean Charlene and Wylla "did nothing more than just sit there"? Those two CONQUERED that drawer and proceeded to reign over their kingdom!

  12. Oh my gosh, that third picture! They're so adorable.



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