Monday, February 10, 2014

The Snowy Day


While nearly the whole country got clobbered with crazy winter weather, we were enjoying a much larger share of sunshine than we usually receive in this season. It's been dryer, milder, and the most pleasant winter I've experienced since I moved to the Northwest twenty years ago.  

But this weekend, that all changed and we got hit with a snow storm.  It started snowing heavily Saturday evening, and Sunday morning we woke up to a fluffy white blanket covering our world.

We had a light dusting earlier in the season, but this is the first time Wylla has witnessed anything like this, and she spent the morning wide-eyed, perched in the window with Bean.

After breakfast, Craig and I bundled up for a walk, and we decided to see if the girls might like to explore the snow a bit too.

We opened the front door, and let them step out.  They didn't go too far - Wylla stopped at the welcome mat and Bean stepped a few inches beyond.  They were curious, but it was cold, so they turned around and came back in and sat on the rug just inside the door and peered outside.    Wylla stepped out again, and Craig took her into the front yard and set her on the ground. She sniffed the snow, then skipped back inside.  That was enough.

Here are Wylla's tiny paw prints on the mat.



And Bean's bigger ones.


Bean prints above, and Wylla prints below.


Bean's winter coat.


Wylla sniffs the snow.


Wylla's prints on the steps left while dashing back into the house.


Human and kitty paw prints.


It warmed up and rained heavily last night, so much of the snow is gone today.  That's fine. We had our taste, and that was plenty for all of us.  


  1. their paw prints in the snow are precious!

  2. They are about 32 pawsteps ahead of us- we didn't go out at all! Our snow is still with us because we live in the shadow of the green belt. We couldn't make it to Tacoma :-(.

  3. Oh my! We have so much snow here poor little Wylla would have disappeared in a drift! And Bean wouldn't have liked it all at! Come on, Spring!

  4. Oh my! Wylla would've disappeared in the snow we have here! And Bean wouldn't have liked it at all!

  5. If you decide you do want more snow, we have plenty over here in New Jersey. A fresh supply joined what was already on the ground last night, and they're promising still more on Thursday.

    Really, we'll be happy to share.

  6. Conn. would LOVE to share our snow and ice and snow and ice...really we would! Love the snow prints!

  7. I love, love, looove this post! Kitty pawprints are so adorable... thank you!

  8. I love those snowy little paw prints!

    Melly was glued to the window all day Sunday and looked completely confused by all the snow. It was pretty funny.

  9. For all that crazy toe-floof, Wylla sure has delicate & well-defined paw prints in the snow!

  10. My cats are snow-wise, but then they're older than Wylla and have been in snow before, even it it's relatively rare here in the PNW. BTW, how do you pronounce "Wylla?"

    1. Will butt in and answer this - it's "Why-la." It is a frequently-asked question. :)

      I have similar (though not as good or comprehensive) snowy paw print pictures. Sometimes my cats seem to like the snow for a little while, and sometimes they want nothing to do with it. Regardless, it's very cute.

    2. Thanks! Maybe Laurie will put it in the FAQ.

  11. More gorgeous photos of Bean and Wylla.

    That photo of Wylla really shows how tiny she is.

    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  12. My cats past always liked exploring the snow that we got in CO.. The usual routine was staaaaaand at the open door and decide if they wanted to go out. Decided,, and step.. shaaaaaaaake the paw, step, shaaaaaaake the paw. Step.. shaaaaaake the paw, etc. They'd eventually go out in it though. The current furballs live in CA, so they don't get to do that.

  13. So very sweet. I love their winter coats--they were wise to minimise their time in the cold. I'm glad it's getting warmer out there for you.

  14. From the paw print impressions, it appears that Wylla was walking on tippy toes while Charlene stepped down more firmly in the snow.
    The cutest paw prints EVER.

  15. I still have a cartoon from the Toronto Paper from 30 years ago when Silver, our cat who adopted us, was still quite young. The cartoonist used to feature a white cat very like him, so we always looked at them. This one showed human legs, human hand on a door-knob opening a front door from the inside and the CAT 4 paws forward and full body and head straining backwards from a very snowy outside. The comment was; "See, it is still winter out there, just like it was 30 minutes ago" Silver lived a long and happy life with us, died at a ripe old age peacefully one night.

  16. That first kitty encounter with snow is always so CUTE! Thanks for sharing Wylla and Bean's snow day!

  17. Notice that Wylla was on tiptoes running back inside...deep clawmarks but pads barely touching down.

  18. Our northwest kitty, Harley, used to bite our ankles whenever it snowed and he couldn't go outside. He was quite serious about emoting his displeasure! I guess he thought it was our fault. Fortunately it doesn't happen often around here.

  19. So much more cautious than my kitty was the first time he saw snow. I opened the back door to get a picture and he stuck his head out, looked around and then leapt forward. He landed on the second step down with snow up to his tummy. He cried until I rescued him (maybe 30 seconds later; I took a picture first).



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