Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Wag Pet Market


 In the heart of the Proctor District of North Tacoma, you'll find Wag, a sweet little pet boutique.  We do a lot of shopping at Wag, and over the years we've gotten to know all the friendly folks who work there, including Jennifer, Opal the Human's mama.

Bean was running low on crunchies, so Wylla and I took a trip up to there yesterday to replenish the supply. Danette, the shop's proprietress was working, and was so excited to see our wee girl.

"OH, little Peanut!!!" she squealed,  when I dropped Wylla on the counter.  Wylla gladly accepted some love from Danette, then explored the counter and rubbed her little face against every little thing.

From the counter, she surveyed the shop, then spied the shelf of cat toys and cat treats.



I think she was considering making a leap to explore more,  so before that could happen, I scooped her up, and placed her on the shelf,


so she could have a closer look at the kitty things.



And when she was done up there, she explored the floor.  

There were giant bags of kitty crunchies EVERYWHERE!


And, of course, things for dogs,


which weren't of much interest to a kitten, so she took a spontaneous bath break,


and had a contemplative moment.


Next, she discovered a stack of dog beds that were conveniently placed in a sunlight patch, and she perched for a spell.


And then climbed higher to a fuzzier, cozier pile of beds where she curled up for a nap.



I hated to interrupt her, but it was time to leave.  I picked her up, put her on my shoulder, we paid for Charlene's crunchies and said our goodbyes. Lucky Wylla left with couple of kitten toys - both gifts Danette.

When we returned home, Bean greeted us at the door.  First, she gave her bag of food a sniff, then turned to Wylla.  Bean's ear's went back and her nostrils flared as she took in every smell Wylla carried home.

"Where have you been, Wylla?" she seemed to say,  "you smell delicious!"



  1. It's a shame Bean doesn't enjoy traveling the way Wylla does. I'm sure she'd love to smell all those wonderful smells, and take naps in such cozy places, just like Wylla does!

  2. This made me so smiley. Thanks, Wylla, Bean, and Laurie!

  3. Very sweet of her to pick up crunchies for big sis despite the fact that she can't eat them herself. :-)

  4. Aww...Wylla was The Princess and The Peep!

  5. I love her looking at the collars. She's turned into such a fashionista. You can almost hear her thinking, "That little polka-dotted collar would be perfect for me."

  6. If the Bean is the Dean, then Wylla's title must be Visiting Professor!

    1. Absolutely awesome, Melissa! I agree with your eloquent statement!

  7. I love the Stepping Out series, you guys go to such fun and interesting places! How sweet that Wylla can snuggle down and snooze anywhere!

    Side note - the Peek-a-Prize Toy Box is AWESOME! Ideal for the thinking-cat in the household.

  8. In her contemplative moment, I think Wylla was wondering whether or not she likes dogs!

  9. Your stories of both - Bean and Wylla - make me so happy everyday! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Your stories of both Bean and Wylla make me so happy everyday! Also your photos are so beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  11. I love how you can take Wylla places without her wigging out.. Mine just aren't that adventurous, even though I tell them about all of the kewl things that they could see. At least I now have another place to check out when I'm working in Tacoma. :)

  12. I love the spontaneous napping picture- it shows just how laid back & relaxed she is that she can snooze anywhere she goes. :)

    and the adorable squished between toybox & collars photo.. perfect wee-kitty size space to explore!

    *i* wanna step out with wylla stout!

  13. Haven't posted in a while, but had to comment-- Wylla is the purrfect little ambassador and an awesome little cat! Hugs & scratches to her and our dear Bean.

  14. Hmm. The dogs who end up owning the beds Wylla christened with kitty hair and scent will be very excited for no apparent reason...



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