Thursday, January 9, 2014

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Shop Cat For the Afternoon at Linda's


Linda, a friend I met many years ago through the craft and junk world, opened up a lovely little store on Antique Row in Downtown Tacoma.  It's called Linda's With Wild Abandon, and it's filled with all sorts of vintage loveliness and a few handmade gifts and jewelry pieces.

 Wylla and I braved the wet weather and paid her a visit yesterday afternoon to say hello and check out the new store.

When we first arrived, Wylla spent a few moments sniffing around the stockroom.  I fished her out of the back, she said hello to Linda and a shop guest, then she started exploring every corner of the store.

Wylla was quite comfortable there, and made herself right at home in the displays.  There were lots of comfy chairs to curl up on, and good places to perch.   She looked so pretty surrounded by Linda's pretty things - especially the pinky-peachy things that matched her pink nose and peach patches so well - like the dresser in the front window.

She really enjoy her temporary roll as "shop cat".

Linda, who considers herself much more a "dog person",  seemed to be quite taken by our wee girl.  No surprise there, Miss Wylla is a charmer and she often impresses the people we visit on our outings with her calmness and sweetness.  She's one unflappable, adaptable cat.

















PS Our Stepping Out stories are never paid promotional posts or sponsorships. We're just traveling with our wee cat and sharing our adventures on the blog.


  1. Miss Wylla fits right in. We love seeing her adventures about town (and think shops like this one could use a good shop cat - though we know Wylla isn't looking for a job).

  2. Have you ever thought of penning a childrens book series - Adventures With Wee Wylla and the Bean?

  3. I'm not surprised that everyone who meets Wylla is smitten by her! She's a doll :)

  4. Oh my goodness, Linda's shop is absolutely lovely -- but the first thing I thought after photo #1 was the Portlandia sketch "Put a Bird on It"! I hope Linda doesn't mind. If she hasn't seen the sketch, it's worth digging up on YouTube.

  5. Also, my customer loyalty is very high at shops with shop cats -- I will make a special trip just to visit. I'll bet Linda increases her business if Wylla agrees to make a weekly appearance. Wylla Wednesdays at the vintage shop!

  6. How much is that kitty in the window?
    The one with the floofy tail?
    How much is that kitty in the window?
    I do hope that kitty's for sale.

    (I know. No chance. :-))

    1. Heehee! Very good. But no, no buying of the purring object at this shop.

    2. Absolutely not, the Objet de Purr is NOT for sale!


  7. What a lovely afternoon for the two of you. So wonderful she tolerates a harness and enjoys new sites :)

  8. Wylla would make a lovely "working" cat, she's so relaxed and comfy everywhere she goes. But, of course, she already has a job, to be Bean' s little sister and the most charming floods girl on the internet!

  9. ♪ How much is that kiiiiitty in the window.. ;)

    I'll be working in Tacoma next week, I'll try to peek in the store.

  10. my cats would be swatting at the pendants that Wylla is so beautifully posing under. what a perfect little girl she is!

  11. I love taking pictures of shop cats- they are always so disinterested in things. Meow-Meh. But I would shop in Tacoma every weekend if I was sure I could see Wylla! (and you, Laurie, of course). She is really well traveled.

  12. She is just such a remarkable and lovely cat. I love the way you take her out and about and how interested she is in her world. I love her so much and am so thrilled that she became part of your family.

  13. Wylla loves riveted seats just like Bean! (If "riveted" is the right word.)

  14. So wonderful! When I come to Tacoma will you and Wylla take me to Linda's, please!

  15. I love shop cats -- I live in NYC and will go out of my way to visit any bodega, pet store, bookstore with a cat, even if I don't need anything, just to say hi -- and if I passed a store and saw little floofy Wylla and her amazing eyeballs in the window, I would visit that shop every day.

  16. I love love that blue tufted chair that Wylla is sitting on in the last pic! How I'd love to visit her shop...looks great!

  17. AWWWW SO CUTE cat:) I love love LOVE your page I was born and raised in the countryside with a lots of cats in the house. Im a true cat woman and I now have 2 cats myself. I cant imagine my life without them..they give SO much love and laughter every day.

    Keep up the great work

    LOVE Maria from Sweden

  18. Yet another case of Willa kitty cuteness!

    If you're feeling down and out just visit Willa Stout! You can't help but smile!

    Willa - say "Hi" to Charlene for me please?

  19. You may not have meant to, but your photos of Wylla's latest adventure made me want to visit Linda's shop. It looks lovely. And so does Wylla.

  20. Such beautiful pictures! And in the 10th shot, Wylla looks like she is saying "Uh oh, I'm not suppose to be parked here!" :)



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