Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Kitten Conversations

Thanks again for making yesterday such an extra-special day for Wylla.  We enjoyed reading all of your sweet words, birthday wishes  and looking at  all of your lovely photos and cards. Thank you so much for your kindness.  It means so much to me that our little kitty means that much to you!

I wanted to introduce you to Wylla's new little friend, Paulette.  We picked her up in Portland on our big Thanksgiving road trip.  She came from my friend Pam's store.

Paulette sits on the bed in the guest room, which happens to be one of Wylla's favorite daytime spots, and I often find them hanging out together.

When I walk in the room,  and find them sitting together, it always feels like I've interrupted their conversation.

I know it's a silly thought to have.  I mean, really, what could these two possibly be talking about?

Isn't this bed comfy, kitten friend?  


I think I prefer the the quilt over the chenille bedspread.  What do you think, Paulette?


Have you ever noticed that my nose matches your dress EXACTLY. 


The afternoon light is lovely, isn't it? 


Do you like napping? 



  1. oh my she's so cute. and the fact she sleeps so easily sitting up is just adorable. that face in that last pic kills me DEAD. I just wanna scoop her up and love her and kiss her and scritch her. happy birthday sweet little Wylla, and may this just be the first of many to come.

  2. I LOVE Ink and Peat!!!

  3. It's good to have a friend whose outfit coordinates with one's nose, isn't it?

  4. Aww!
    Why would you think that was a silly thought?

  5. Thanks for the lols. :-)

  6. it is always good to have a friend that lets you have the last word :)

  7. Every girl needs a buddy to confide in. Like when a big sister gets annoying about bathing me... I think they were discussing collar colors and nice things to pounce on.

  8. How adorable they are together!

  9. My fuzzy boy, Bucky Badger, has two best friends... one is a red loofah with a Bucky Badger tail and head, and one is a lovely lilac loofah he stole from my luggage years ago. He carries them around (though they're both bigger than his head), drops them into my bed (I normally wake up with at least one on a daily basis), and has a very sweet, very special little squeaky noise he reserves only for the loofahs. They're very odd, and wonderfully unique, these little fuzzy faces of ours! :-)

  10. fluffy!! feel lke wanna hug him tightly!

  11. What a little sweetie Wylla is.....she makes friends so easily, even the silent types :)



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