Friday, November 8, 2013

Boxtown Soccer Scrimmage

I was sorting through some photos and ran across a few cute clips that I never shared with you.  Here's a sweet little movie of a soccer scrimmage between Wylla and Audrey. It was shot shortly after we moved them into their basement quarantine . Their world was small then, but they made the most of the square footage.

I know some have asked if I've had any recent Audrey updates.  I haven't, but if I get one, I will be sure to share it with you.

Please enjoy, and have a great Friday!


  1. Oh, so sweet! Wylla says, "I like to play, too, even if I have to play a little slower!"

  2. "Precious" does not begin to describe that.

  3. Awww!! Sweet little "toddlers" :)

  4. omg, the tail boop!! :D

    i would love to see a Wylla-Audrey reunion. I wonder if they would remember they knew each other. :}

  5. What a couple of cuties!

    LG has one of those turbo track toys that has a ball in the track. He likes to scratch the pad in the center but isn't all that much into the ball and track. That said, the first time I tossed a ping-pong ball on the kitchen floor, he really went to town on it. So much fun to chase and bat it all around the house! Of course, the first thing he did was look at the ping-pong ball, then at the ball in the turbo track toy. He was all: Hey! How did that one get out from the track?

  6. So good to see fat kitten bellies! If you want a good laugh at home, put the ping pong ball in the bathtub with the cat. Sit back and chuckle loudly!

  7. OMG----those tails-----THOSE TAILS!!!!!!


  8. This is a GREAT reminder that the best toys you can donate to your local shelter is a big bag of pingpong balls! They are cheap, come in large quantities, clean really well (way easier than sparkle balls) AND, as these delightful kittens demonstrate, provide tons of fun! Our shelter also likes donations of wine bottle corks for the same reason. If you're looking for something to donate, check with your local shelter!

  9. What a great week to start the weekend, with a IBKC soccer game. Such fun!

    Buddy and Tiger's Mom

  10. I love Audrey's back foot action!

    1. Yes! Every time I watch this I notice something different, and this time, that was it.



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