Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Climbing Trees in Wright Park

Before the sun slipped away yesterday, we took Wylla for a quick visit to Wright Park, which is one of my favorite spots in our city.   It's a gorgeous place anytime of the year, but when it's ablaze with autumn color, it's spectacular.

We found a nice tree with a low, vertical branch and let her do a little climbing.  This was her very first tree climbing experience.


She enjoyed her view, and took in all the sights and sounds of the park.  There were lots of joggers jogging,  walkers walking, kids screaming and romping in leaf piles, dogs and their owners playing catch,  and busy squirrels galore.


She was captivated by all the movement. 




After some time in the trees, we headed over to the pond, where she perched on a rock and watched the ducks.


They were mesmerizing.


We said goodbye to the ducks,  and took to the paths.


So we could take more of the park in, we carried Wylla.  Our visit was too brief to walk at a kitten's pace.


  1. Wylla has the best adventure-filled life! She is such a lucky kitten to have joined your family -- and you all are so lucky to have her!!!

  2. I love that park. I go through it several times a week. duck and squirrel watching is by far one of the best things to do.

  3. She looks like she's smiling in these pictures! Oh, Wee Woolie Wylla, may every day be an adventure for you! I bet you are turning some haters out there into cat lovers. Nobody could resist you :)

  4. Wylla is such a doll, and seems like a wonderfully calm and relaxed kittie. My little cat would've run away once outdoors and would definitely not have endured acupuncture or visits to the vet.

  5. Laurie I hope this means you and Craig are feeling better!

  6. "Too brief to walk at a kitten's pace"

  7. You should do a book of your adventures. Out and about with Wylla Stout! Love her little adventures..

  8. All the photos are wonderful, the second being my favorite. How great to be able to experience the park through a young cat's eyes.

  9. I grew up in Tacoma. I used to go to that park and visit the ducks. I haven't done that in over 30 years. I moved away and don't have any reason to go back. Thanks for the memories.

  10. That is a great park! While I don't live in Tacoma, I have a friend who does, and we take her dog for walks there. We'll keep our eyes out for local celebrity Wylla the next time we're there!

  11. Did Charlene ever show an interest in going outdoors?

    - - Philippa


  12. little Wylla is amazing! i esp love pic # 3-- you really get to see her white bib. :)

  13. Thank you, Laurie, for showing how kitties who aren't free-roaming can have happy, adventure-filled lives.Your leash-training is ensuring that Wylla stays safe and also that she doesn't have access to the wild birds and other small animals that are so vulnerable to free-roaming kitties.

  14. Grad the first tree climbing adventure was a success. Otherwise you would need to call in the cavalry:

  15. What a delightful afternoon. Thanks so much for bringing us all along.

  16. OHEMGEE! They EYES! So cute! Sounds like such a perfect afternoon for a kitty and her staff!



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