Monday, September 16, 2013

Stepping Out With Wylla Stout: Leavenworth, WA


Leavenworth is Washington's own little Bavarian village nestled at the base of the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains.   It's charming, it's surreal, it's a wee bit tacky, and if you find yourself in central Washington, it's worth a stop. Especially if you like schnitzel or shopping.  Or lederhosen.

Last week, we spent the afternoon in Leavenworth with our friend Nadi, who was visiting from Colorado.

They rolled out the willkommen wagon when we arrived! Such hospitality!


Nadi helped carry Wylla as we toured the touristy town.


He quickly learned the answers to all the FAQs we receive when traveling with Wylla, and could field any question that came his way.

Of course, Craig carried her too.


And was stopped more than once for photographs.


The town is filled with flowers.  There are lush planter boxes and hanging baskets everywhere.


And each basket or planter is packed.


With plants and pretzels.



We were happy to see Wylla wasn't the only cat in town!




We even saw a couple of bears!

Sometimes bears and cats get along.  Sometimes they don't.


There are many beer gardens in Leavenworth,  which is awesome because when there's outdoor seating at a restaurant, pets are often welcome.


So we had lunch and beers with Wylla.  Well, we had lunch and beers.  Wylla had treats and water.


And enjoyed a little rest on Craig's lap.


After we had our fill of bears and beers, we headed back to the car, then over the mountains and back to Tacoma.   


Goodbye little Bavaria!


  1. I live near Frankenmuth, which is known as Michigan's Little Bavaria. Leavenworth looks just like it! Except I have never seen any cats stepping out there. Wylla is wonderful!

  2. Leavenworth can be fun. (I have family just down the road from it.) The crowds can be pretty intense, though, when there's an event on. Looks like Wylla handled it like a pro. The bear shot is hilarious.

  3. Love the shot of her with the bear... with her mouth open and fangs exposed, I can almost hear her saying 'OK, WE'RE TAKING THIS PHOTO, SO NO FUNNY BUSINESS LIKE MAKING BUNNY EARS BACK THERE MISTER'

    You and Craig have given her such a great little life!

  4. One of my favorite little kitties in one of my favorite little townies. Yay!

  5. Oh my gosh, Leavenworth looks just like Helen, Georgia, only less tacky! We saw a family of the most confused German tourists you have ever seen in your life in Helen, surrounded by the fake ultra-Bavarian-ness! But no Wee Wylla on the East Coast, alas. Wylla has become quite the little traveler -- seriously, Laurie's editor, children's book!!

  6. Ha! Wylla's getting her Oktoberfest on *and* earning her hokey tourist town badge all in one visit! Way to go Wylla! Hope you bought some souvenirs for your big sister Bean!

  7. I think I could sit and stare at pics of Wylla, and Charlene all day long if I didn't have work to do. They are both beautiful.

    1. Even WITH work to do it is a challenge to tear away from the IBKC.

      Wylla's adventures are awesome. And they give Charlene a little 'just me' time. Important for any big sister!

  8. Oh Wee Wylla- you are stunning. And looking bigger-- no?

  9. It's so much fun to have these adventures through the eyes of Wee Wylla!

    They are my favorite posts! :)

    1. Me too! I absolutely adore the new "Out and About with Wylla Stout" column.

  10. At first, I thought you were talking about FORT Leavenworth, Kansas! That would be a very, very bad visit, and Wee Wylla is such a good little kitty!

    As Isaac, Emily and Laura stated, YOUR Bavarian town is much more "classy" than our Helen, GA Bavarian town! I've only been there once, and that was enough!

    A BETTER town to visit if you are ever traveling Route 1 in Cali is Solvang. It's a very quaint little Danish town where my paternal grandmother and her family immigrated from when they left Nebraska during the Dust Bowl.

    Wylla is a fantastic traveler! She does better than my 2 scaredy cats (and my scaredy dog too)!!!

    1. I've never been there myself, but I have California relatives who also love Solvang.

  11. Looks like Wylla got a wee bit taller from these pictures! Love, love the white glove shot!

  12. Just wonderful!! I hope you do a book on her travels one day!

  13. Oh dear, look at those cute paws & face! <3

  14. I absolutely adore these "Out and About with Wylla Stout" posts. I imagine she is single-"pawedly" (vs. single-handedly) increasing the adoption rates of kittens and cats wherever she goes. I'm envious of those that get to meet the kitten ambassador in the "fur." (vs. in the flesh)

  15. Wylla such a good lil traveler. She is so sweet to sit on your shoulder and take in the scenery and people. She's so lucky she gets to go see the sights with you.

  16. OMG - I love seeing her adventures. And she always looks so AMAZED. :)

  17. Please get one of your artist friends to create a fun logo or a post header for Stepping Out with Wylla Stout. It's begging for an artistic treatment!

  18. I love these posts! Wylla is such a little trooper.

  19. Schnitzel, shopping, and lederhosen? These are a few of my favorite things!

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  21. It's been a rough day here in Washington, DC so thanks for this...a big smile here. So utterly charming is Wee Wylla.

  22. What a great post and pics of Wee Wylla and her travels! I especially loved the picture with her making a snarly face at the big old bear :) HOW DANG CUTE!!! "Stepping out w/Wylla Stout" makes a great series, can't wait for the next trip!

    For the record, our little German town Helen, GA is not so bad - but we don't have the huge mountain in the background and we don't have celebri-kitties like Wylla roaming around. Just funnel cakes and beer, LOL!

  23. I've been to real Bavaria, so if I ever find myself in central Washington, I will definitely check out Leavenworth!

    I love the picture of Wylla peeking over Nadi's shoulder -- those big round eyes! She is just so stinkin' cute (always!)!

  24. Did Wylla and the bear have a good conversation? Looks like Wylla definitely had a thing or two she wanted to say.

  25. I was wondering. When you have a beer garden, how far apart do you plant the beers and should you use cans or bottles?

  26. Wylla is a great little traveler and conversation starter :)

  27. So did Wylla bring her sister back a souvenir? Maybe a Beanie look-alike Christmas ornament? :)

    And I agree with Annie R. that Helen, GA can actually be a lot of fun!

  28. I love when you're out and about, Wylla! i love seeing you on your adventures :)



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