Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Murray, Joe, Lily, Blackberry and Wylla

This weekend, we payed a visit to our friends Eileen and Matthew and their sweet little children. The family recently adopted a pair of kitties, and we were excited to meet them.

Lily is their lovely tabby girl.



And Blackberry is their handsome tuxedo boy.



They're both awfully dear kittens, and are so good with the kids.  We brought the Lily and Blackberry some new toys and enjoyed watching them scamper across the wood floors, chasing after their gifts.  

Our friends Jay (of poster fame) and Anne joined us too and brought their pups, Lucky Joe and Murray.

Lucky Joe is truly one of the luckiest dog you'll ever meet. He's from Puerto Rico, and lived in a rescue  for five years before he was adopted by Jay and Anne, who were vacationing in Vieques last spring.  Now,  he's living the good life in Seattle.


Of course you all remember Murray - he's visited us on many occasions.  We love Murray - he's such an awesome dog.


Wylla came with us and she did say hello to the kittens and pups,  but didn't spend anytime mingling with them. With all the animals, we thought it might be best to separate the different parties so everyones (felines, canines and humans too) anxiety was kept to a minimum.  Wylla enjoyed roosting on top of the piano.


It was such a great visit with our favorite people and pets!  Thanks for your hospitality, Eileen and Matthew!


  1. As always your pictures are just amazing. Sounds like it was fun for the kittens, dogs, kids and adults.

  2. What a fun story! Though I love all the pictures (especially Wylla!), I am really partial to Blackberry. Anyone who has had a big tuxedo guy in their house, like our Moosie was, knows just what I mean.

  3. What cute babies! I love the tabby/tux combo.

  4. What a mellow girl Lily is in the arms of the child.

  5. I should add Blackberry is pretty sweet, too, in the adult's hands!

  6. Awww -- such a sweet pets and people social hour!

  7. What cute kittens! And what lucky dogs, to have such a nice life now. It makes me so happy to hear Lucky Joe's adoption story!

  8. Woah, that's a full house ;-)

  9. I love Blackberry. What a handsome tuxie boy!

  10. Such a great story! And fantastic photos, as always.

  11. All the dogs and cats are VERY lucky to have people like you and your friends, who actually genuinely care for them. Lucky Joe is very like my fox terrier Sioux and and Blackberry like my visiting tux Mr Cool

  12. Ohh!!! All the animals and pictures are wonderful, but I must admit to being particularly smitten by the 4th picture... what a handsome white-toed boy!!! :)



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